What to Expect

The Importance of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

Nutrition is an addiction recovery tool, as patients suffering from drug and alcohol abuse typically do not maintain balanced diets. With our recovery diet plan, we focus on providing balanced meals that will give the patient energy, and make him or her feel and look better – two critical aspects that collaboratively work to psychologically and physiologically aid the patient in overcoming addiction, and future cravings.

Health & Wellness at the Ridge

As part of our addiction recovery process we provide hearty meals, intended to provide patients with the restorative nutrition that they need to get well. The importance of nutrition in addiction recovery is vast, as patients typically suffer from a lack of consistent vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. We provide delicious, balanced meals for each of our patients to support whole-body nutrition in addiction recovery. The Ridge will try to reach a balance between patients’ dietary restrictions and reparative nutrition as best as possible, and reasonable menu variations with the recovery diet can be made.

Our Focus

We focus on providing patients with delicious, well-balanced meals consisting of whole grains, limited sugar and caffeine, a balanced and healthy amount of restorative proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Patients will enjoy flavorful meals which will in turn support the overall recovery process during their stay at The Ridge. To learn more about our recovery diet plan and how The Ridge supports whole-body nutrition for addiction recovery, contact us today.