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The Ridge Ohio Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction can often feel unbeatable

Addicts can try over and over to defeat their disease only to find themselves relapsing every time. It’s all too common for people struggling with addiction to give up hope of recovery and accept addiction as their lot in life, continuing to use more and more until their disease kills them. This tragedy can affect anyone, and it increasingly is—addiction is reaching epidemic levels in the Midwest, killing more Ohioans in 2011 than car crashes. Anyone, from a bright high school student, a successful attorney, to a loving grandparent can fall victim to the disease of addiction. The only option when faced with addiction is treatment, and The Ridge is here to help you or your loved ones get effective care at one of the nation’s best addiction treatment centers.

We believe one of the most effective tools in addiction treatment is education.

Many people don’t truly understand what addiction is, what it does to a person, and why. If someone doesn’t know this, they’re going to have a tougher time recovering than someone who is fully informed and knows exactly what addiction is doing to their body. Our educational therapy explains how addiction isn’t a choice, but a disease of the brain. Drug use changes the way the brain works, especially the mechanisms which make a person experience the feeling of pleasure. An addicted brain all but requires drugs or alcohol in order to feel pleasure. That is, an addicted person can be physically unable to enjoy anything but using. Knowing this, it becomes harder to demonize an addicted person as someone who makes irresponsible, self-destructive choices, since it’s obvious that addiction is a physical ailment that needs treatment to overcome.


The Ridge offers detoxification in order to wean our patients off of the substance they are addicted to. Mood-altering drugs carry painful withdrawal periods, and our physician-managed detox care means that patients are always safe and close to experts who can help them get through the process without complications. However, detox is not the end of treatment. While it does eliminate physical addiction, mental addiction is still a powerful disease that will likely lead to a relapse, undoing the progress made by detox. That’s why at The Ridge, we will only agree to offer our detox services to patients who have already committed to our full residential treatment program.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Our full program uses community support groups combined witha variety of therapy models to teach patients how to live their lives sober again. An addicted person’s habits and thoughts are all centered on their addiction, and so will a detoxed person’s, unless treatment teaches them how to change that thinking.

The Ridge believes that addiction recovery is possible for anyone. Our program addresses the disease’s physical and mental aspects for the best chance at a sober life. Addiction can make it seem like there’s no hope. The Ridge knows there always is.

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