Cincinnati Alcohol Rehab


Alcoholism can take over a person’s life and make them into someone they would never want to be. It’s not just a choice or a habit, it’s an actual disease that needs to be treated or else it will only get worse, and potentially lethal. Alcoholics need treatment to overcome their affliction and learn to live a healthy, sober life. It’s not easy to just put down the bottle. Alcoholics need help. Thankfully, help is out there.

Addiction alters a person’s brain in such a way that drinking is the only way they are physically able to feel pleasure. In addition, not drinking provokes extremely unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. These two facts, when taken together, explain why an alcoholic has an extremely difficult time resisting a drink. For many people, it’s essentially impossible for them to choose to go without alcohol. Even if an alcoholic can understand how destructive their addiction is, and even if they know beyond a doubt they must stop drinking as soon as possible, there is little chance they can make themselves take action without someone else’s help.

At The Ridge, we’re committed to helping every addicted person who comes through our doors leave clean, healthy, happy, and ready to live a sober life. Our staff of highly qualified expert physicians, nurses, and licensed technicians knows how hard it is to live with alcoholism, and how hard it is to fight it. We’ll give you sympathetic, non-judgmental care focused on getting you healthy and in recovery, not on making you feel guilty.

Our program uses our own version of AA’s famous 12-step program. This program is designed to help alcoholics realize that they need to admit their problem and willingly ask for others’ help in getting them back to health. We also employ cognitive-behavioral therapy, which teaches patients that their minds have the power to avoid the thoughts and behaviors that trigger cravings and desire to relapse.

We require a 30 day commitment for our alcohol rehab program, but it’s an investment that pays off. We have an industry-leading recovery rate, and we’ve received accreditation from the Joint Commission in recognition of our consistently excellent addiction treatment. The Ridge’s sister facility, Northland, offers outpatient care for patients who need more treatment after The Ridge’s residential program ends. Even after that, we offer aftercare programs that keep you focused on the daily task of maintaining your health and sobriety. At The Ridge, you health is our number one priority, and we’ll do what it takes to get your life back from alcoholism.

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