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Inside Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms: How Drug Treatment Programs Help

Most addictive drugs have both a mental and physical component, and opioids are no different. Physical addiction in particular means that the addicted person is compelled to keep taking the drug in order to avoid feeling physical pain from opioid withdrawal. Every drug’s withdrawal symptoms are slightly different and are addressed accordingly by drug treatment

Prince’s Death Raises Numerous Questions About Any Drug Use

Prince’s Death Raises Numerous Questions About Any Drug Use

Podcast of the Bill Cunningham show featuring the Medical Director from The Ridge Ohio, Doctor Marc Whitsett. Related: Cocaine and body image

Alcohol Withdrawal Protocol and The Risks of Unexpected Withdrawal

At The Ridge, we’ve spoken about the dangers of alcohol withdrawal. Of all substances, alcohol withdrawal is the most likely to be deadly in extreme cases without proper treatment. Even heroin withdrawal, as difficult as it is, isn’t as dangerous as withdrawal from alcohol. That’s why it’s so essential that alcohol withdrawal protocol is managed

How Getting Alcohol Abuse Help Can Positively Affect the Brain – Cincinnati, Ohio

All of us can tell when a person is drunk. The signs are overt and well-known. A drunk person has poor balance, finding it difficult to walk straight. Their speech is slurred and sometimes nonsensical. Their reaction times are slowed, and they’re more likely to fall, slip, or knock something over. And yet, most people

Living With Someone Going Through Drug or Alcohol Recovery – Toledo, Ohio

If you’ve helped an addicted loved one into treatment you’ve already done them a potentially life-saving service, but treatment isn’t a “cure”—the patient will always have to work on his/her drug or alcohol recovery. It’s not an easy process, and it’s difficult to know how to live with someone going through it. Seeing a loved