Addiction Recovery Meetings and Groups in the Cincinnati Area

Anyone who has gone through addiction rehab and treatment knows that recovery doesn’t end when a person heads home after completing their program. In some ways, the most difficult part of recovery is actually still ahead. Returning home after rehab brings with it temptations and the danger of relapse. The first few days and weeks

Chase after the dream, don’t chase after the money!

The Ridge CEO, Lisa Richardson, reflects on the state of the industry and what sets The Ridge apart. On my way to The Ridge today I was singing along with country music stars, Old Dominion, to the song, “No such thing as a broken heart.”  The lyrics that came next hit my heart with part

Why Using “Legal” Drugs like Kratom Can be Dangerous for the Recovering Addict

A growing trend in America today is to experiment with various “legal” drug-like substances. Many of these are home grown plants or supplements that are marketed as legal and harmless. As many are witnessing first hand, however, there are many risks when it comes to using experimental supplements, especially to someone who is already recovering

Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

Studies continue to show that a healthy, balanced diet is an effective tool that can be used to prevent disease, slow aging, and heal the body and mind. When an individual enters recovery, they need to be prepared to work not just on overcoming the urge to use drugs or drink, but also to heal

I Drink A Lot. Can I Just Quit Drinking Safely?

Dr. Whitsett is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine. He is the Medical Director for The Ridge Treatment Center. You can read his full bio here. I Drink A Lot. Can I Just Quit Drinking Safely? Some people drink a lot. They often ask can I quit drinking safely? Some people decide they

The Courts’ Role in Addiction Treatment

Drug abuse and addiction are often closely tied to the justice system, as those who do drugs and are impaired by drugs experience trouble with charges such as possession, driving while under the influence, domestic violence, theft, and child endangerment. Sometimes getting in trouble with the law serves as a very real wake-up call for