The Most Addictive Substances In The World

When people talk about the dangers of certain substances, they often are referring to how addictive these substances are. This is not necessarily the same thing, because a substance can be extremely dangerous and have a high potential for overdose without causing much dependence. Other substances are more addicting, yet their risk for sudden overdose

Dry January

There is a fine line between moderate and binge drinking, and alcohol dependence and addiction, and many people who drink have a hard time honestly determining where they stand. Many who binge drink believe they can quit drinking whenever they want, and deny they have an addiction problem. But if they seriously tried to remain

The Kratom Controversy in Ohio

Relapse Prevention: Staying on the Road of Happy Destiny

By Roger – Ridge Alumnus Many active alcoholics and addicts entering residential treatment don’t need help stopping their using. Detox is already completed, and as a group, we have a lot of experience getting sober. The problem is one of simply being able to remain abstinent. Remember the “F” of T.W.U.F.L.I.P. – “Failed attempts to

My Dad’s Calling: Fighting Stigma with Compassion

When thinking of how to describe our Medical Director, Dr. Marc Whitsett we couldn’t think of a better point of view than from his own daughter Natalie Whitsett. This is a guest post from Natalie which describes her dad Dr. Whitsett and his journey to an addiction doctor and our Medical Director.   The line

Inside Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms: How Drug Treatment Programs Help

Most addictive drugs have both a mental and physical component, and opioids are no different. Physical addiction in particular means that the addicted person is compelled to keep taking the drug in order to avoid feeling physical pain from opioid withdrawal. Every drug’s withdrawal symptoms are slightly different and are addressed accordingly by drug treatment