Using Food and Nutrition for Effective Drug Addiction Rehab

The old saying goes “you are what you eat.” And while drugs and alcohol aren’t strictly eaten, the phrase still holds true. Addicts who consume immense quantities of these harmful substances are doing damage to their bodies and are often extremely malnourished as a result. This poor nourishment leaves a body feeling sick and tired,

The Benefits of Focused Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab

When choosing the best treatment option for someone struggling with addiction, there are lots of variables to consider: residential or outpatient? Location? Treatment philosophy? Recovery rate? Price? There’s another often-overlooked facet, though: size. Different drug and alcohol rehab facilities have different capacities, from less than a dozen to over one hundred patients at once. How

Professionalism: An Asset in the Workplace and in Drug Rehabilitation Centers

The Ridge knows that it’s not uncommon for a professional—that is, a doctor, lawyer, business person, etc.—to find themselves addicted to drugs or alcohol. Even so, many professionals don’t like to admit that drug addiction is a problem in their community. Lucky for them that the very same status and responsibility than makes them hide

How To Defend Against Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription painkillers are necessary for people in unbearable pain after an injury or a major medical procedure, but they have a deadly dark side that has more people seeking drug treatment programs by the day. Opioid painkillers are extremely easy to become addicted to and introduce people to a life-destroying habit. Every American needs to