Am I An Alcoholic? – Part 1 Westerville, Ohio

am-i-an-alcoholic-part-1Victims of Alcoholism: Some important perspectives

Alcoholism isn’t just a bad habit or a pattern of alcohol abuse. It’s a disease of the brain and those who suffer from it need alcohol abuse help before it can do irreparable damage to their bodies. But how can you be sure that you or a loved one is an alcoholic and needs treatment? Let The Ridge guide you through some common signs of alcoholism so that you can determine if the disease is present in your life.

Are you growing more tolerant of alcohol?

If so, you’re at risk for becoming an alcoholic. Many people see an ability to “hold their liquor” as a badge of honor demonstrating their toughness. However, it’s actually a sign that they’re dangerously close to losing themselves to addiction. When someone becomes tolerant of alcohol, they need to drink increasingly more to feel the same effects. Someone whose alcohol consumption wouldn’t have led to alcoholism might find themselves in danger as they start drinking more and more to counter the effects of tolerance.

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Let’s Take a Look Inside:

Do you still drink even though you know it’s causing problems?

Being frequently drunk can wreak havoc on a career, a marriage, a friendship, or a relationship with a child. It can get a person in trouble with the law and even put innocent lives at risk if a drunk person gets behind the wheel. All too often, a person realizes that their drinking isn’t harmless, but a serious problem in their life. The obvious reaction is to cut down alcohol consumption. But if a person is unable to do this, even though they fully realize that drinking will cause more problems, their issue may not be a weak will, but alcoholism. The disease affects the brain such that it all but forces its victims to consume alcohol even if, logically, they know it’s a bad idea.


Is it difficult to control how much you drink?

It’s not uncommon to see someone swear they’re only going to buy two drinks during a visit to a bar, only for them to end up downing far more than that. Addiction, by its very definition, implies an inability to responsibly use a substance in safe amounts. An “off-switch” is Missing.The way alcoholism affects the brain makes it nearly impossible to drink without drinking to dangerous excess. If you find you can’t control your drinking habits no matter how hard you try, it might be a sign to seek alcohol abuse help.


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