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Residential Alcohol Rehab Columbus

Columbus, Ohio Residential Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are problems facing all areas of Ohio. The Ridge program is a residential treatment program located near Cincinnati. Because clients stay at the facility we are an ideal fit for anyone in Ohio who needs more intensive care for alcohol use disorders.

Is Alcohol Rehab for Yourself or for a Loved One?

If you are seeking help for alcohol abuse for yourself, we can help. Admitting you have a problem is a big first step and we can help you get your life back on track. The Ridge offers a unique program that is unlike any other alcohol rehab in Columbus or anywhere in the Midwest.

If you are a family member or loved one seeking help for someone else we can help you navigate that as well. We have certified interventionists on staff to help convince those who are resistant to treatment that now is the time to get help for their alcohol use.

No matter if the person who needs help is you or a loved one just give us a call. We have years of experience successfully treating folks and returning healthy productive people back into their lives.

The Ridge program is a residential program, a similar level of care to inpatient alcohol rehab, except in a bed and breakfast setting. The Ridge program is offered at The Stuckert House. The Stuckert House is a mansion on 50 acres set in the hills east of Cincinnati.

The Ridge Program is the Best Option in The Midwest for Alcohol Rehab and Treatment.

The clinical program at The Ridge offers access to a board-certified Addictionologist, Dr, Marc Whitsett as well as a psychiatrist during your stay. In fact, the program at The Ridge was designed by doctors to ensure you have the best chance at long term recovery when you return home to Columbus. The Ridge uses a combination of different therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy.

During your treatment episode, you will also enjoy other therapeutic adjuncts including meditation groups, yoga, acupuncture, music, and art therapy. This programming enhances the recovery experience and allows you to express yourself in ways that group or individual counseling may not. These types of activities also offer an outlet for stress reduction, endorphin release, and focus. When you go home after your treatment episode you will bring these skills with you to use as coping mechanisms when life’s inevitable tough times arise.

Nutrition and exercise are staples of The Ridge alcohol use disorder treatment programming. The nutritional regiment consists of “hearty and healthy” meals prepared by two onsite professional chefs. Home-like meals of pork chops, tuna steaks, and pasta keep your body healthy and provide comfort during your stay. Breakfasts consist of comforting food like waffles, bacon, eggs, and pastries. Healthy snacks are available throughout the day.

During active alcohol addiction, most folks do not get the nutrition they need. Our menus have been developed in consultation with our doctors to encourage healthy habits and rebuild your body and mind during the treatment experience.

At The Ridge, we take pride in offering accommodations for those who have special dietary needs. We have experience with vegan, gluten-free, low sodium, and other food restrictions. We are willing to make any reasonable update to our menu to suit your specific needs. The proper nutrition of our clients is important at The Ridge

Exercise is another important aspect of Ridge programming. Four times a week we go to the local YMCA for exercise. You can also enjoy the outdoors on the 50-acre Ridge estate. In summer months the pool is open for use at scheduled times.

How Much Does Alcohol Rehab in Columbus Cost?

Our program varies in length and intensity depending on your specific medical needs. We accept private health insurance and bill the out of network benefits for your treatment episode. This means that most people will have a copayment due on the day of admission.

We cannot accept Medicaid, Medicare, or marketplace insurance plans as they do not offer out of network benefits. For more about our program costs please see this page.

How Long is The Ridge Residential Alcohol Rehab Program?

The Ridge program is based on medical necessity and that is determined throughout your treatment episode using clinical assessments, counselor and client input, and DSM-5 or ASAM criteria. In general, the higher levels of care averages about 30 days, and the outpatient aftercare portion is 52 weeks. Detox, if necessary is completed before you are admitted to residential. Detox length can vary greatly depending on alcohol use habits and client health status.

How to Enroll in The Ridge Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Program

Enrolling is easy.

  1. Make sure the person who will be attending the program is present
  2. Get your insurance card to have handy for benefit verification
  3. Call us at 513-804-2204. During the call we will ask you a series of questions regarding your usage history, financial information, and health information, and we will provide you with our current bed availablity and detox options if needed.
  4. Seure a bed and get an admit date
  5. Show up on the scheduled admission date

For more detailed information on what to expect before, during, and after treatment check out this page: https://theridgeohio.com/what-to-expect/

Our professional team of physicians, psychiatrists, addictionologists, nutritionists, nurses, counselors, and therapists work together to help clients address the experiences in their past which have contributed to their addiction.

If you or a loved one is in need of alcohol use disorder treatment, we can help. The Ridge is the leading care provider for alcohol rehab in Columbus and the surrounding area. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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