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Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol Recovery

Heroin and cocaine addicts don’t have to worry about seeing their drug of choice on every street corner, in their friends’ houses, in grocery stores, in churches, at gas stations, and advertised all over billboards and TV. Alcoholics, on the other hand, do have to deal with the cultural popularity of alcohol. It’s nearly impossible in America to not see or hear about alcohol without completely isolating oneself from all media. For people who struggle with addiction to alcohol, it can be extremely difficult not to reach for a drink with so many reminders all around them every day. But just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Treating Alcoholism

The Ridge offers top quality alcohol addiction treatment. Our program is exceptionally effective—our recovery rate is unmatched. We’ve also received accreditation from the Joint Commission, an honor only bestowed on the nation’s top rehabilitation facilities. We know alcohol addiction is a disease, and one that only gets worse without treatment. If alcoholism is allowed to continue untreated, it can be lethal.

The Effects of Alcoholism

The Ridge offers a safe, physician-managed detoxification experience. Stopping mood-altering drug use always brings a withdrawal process with it. Alcohol, despite its high cultural profile, is undoubtedly a mood-altering drug, and it carries one of the most severe withdrawals of any substance. The most famous symptom, the notorious delirium tremens, is a state of intense hallucinations, involuntary convulsions, high fever, and, in almost 35% of cases, deadly without treatment. Fortunately, The Ridge’s experienced physicians are experts in treating alcohol addiction, and can safely manage alcohol detoxification, greatly reducing the risk of death.

Alcohol Detox

Detox is extremely useful for recovery, but it’s only a first step. It does remove a person’s physical addiction, so that not drinking no longer causes painful symptoms. But it doesn’t change the fact that an alcoholic will likely have, in their mind, associated countless numbers of people, places, situations, and feelings with drinking. This means that returning to these people, places, or situations will trigger cravings for alcohol, risking a relapse. That’s why we also use therapy to identify the mental and behavioral triggers for cravings. Once they are identified, patients will work with our staff of physicians, nurses, and licensed counselors to discover a way to safely live sober.

Break Free From Alcoholism

Alcohol is a difficult addiction to break free from, but The Ridge believes that any alcoholic has the power to get themselves sober and stay that way. Our treatment program gives an alcoholic the best chance at recovery, and we offer aftercare to keep patients on track even after the program ends.