Put Your Life Back Together Utilizing Research-Based Drug Abuse Treatment For A Wide Array Of Addictive Drugs

Drug abuse in the United States does not discriminate and anyone is capable of developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol. These people are a far cry from the “junkie” stereotype perpetuated by TV and movies, but their addictions are just as tenacious, destructive, and deadly as any other. Addiction doesn’t care who you are—once you’re hooked, you’re hooked, and you need treatment to get into recovery.

Empathetic, Non-Judgmental Treatment

Empathetic Drug Abuse Treatment at The Ridge

Addiction is a disease. We know how difficult addiction is, and that having the disease doesn’t say anything about a person’s character or moral fiber. It has been clinically shown that dependence on mood-altering drugs alters a person’s brain so that taking drugs is the only thing that is physically able to make the brain experience pleasure, and to not do so brings about painful withdrawal symptoms. Knowing this, it becomes clear that addicts don’t need shaming or accusations, they need treatment, just like any other patient with a disease.

Learn To Live Again

Your Foundation In Recovery

Everything at The Ridge – our premium accommodations, nutritious meals, clinical programming, family education and therapy sessions, and activities including yoga, art and music therapy, and recreation – is designed to provide a comfortable environment for our patients to heal.

During your stay at the Ridge, you’ll learn new life skills and strategies designed to maintain sobriety and allow you to live your best life in recovery.

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