How to Let Go of Harmful Relationships

harmfulrelationsAddictions rarely happen in a vacuum. Some people and places may be forever linked in an addict’s mind to their addictions. It is a known fact that returning to these situations and relationships can have devastating effects on their well-being. Being successful in drug addiction rehab might mean having to say goodbye to friends or family—but as hard as it can be, for the sake of a healthy recovery, it sometimes is the only option.

           A recovering addict’s first priority should be their health. Before they can regain control over their lives, they have to break drugs and alcohol’s control on them. Sometimes a good friend or favorite activity will simply present too much of a risk of relapse to keep in an addict’s life—maybe the friend still uses drugs, or assumes one drink won’t hurt. Some activities that were usually done under the influence may provide an overwhelming temptation to use again in order to recreate the feeling associated with that activity. Giving up these parts of life may seem painful or unfair, but it’s the price that must be paid for a life that is back in the recovering addict’s control.

          The best way to avoid having to end any relationships is for the person in question to understand what their friend or family member’s addiction means, and what role they can play in their recovery. Education is the key here, as meeting with drug addiction rehab professionals can help them to understand the disease of addiction and the bitter work that the addict must perform every day in order to stay sober. They will learn how an atmosphere of safety, support, understanding, and acceptance is key to maximizing the chances of continued sobriety, and their ability to provide this atmosphere will be the metric by which they are deemed safe to remain in the addict’s life. However if someone does not seek this education, it’s essential for addicts and their educated families to remember that no activity, place, or person is worth more to an addict in recovery than their health.

One of the steps of our drug addiction rehab program is reaching out to try and make amends to important relationships. It takes time and work, not just apologies. Still, there is hope. Learn more.


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