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The Ridge Ohio Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Someone struggling with addiction needs to get treatment as soon as they can

 Addiction is a disease of the brain that, if left untreated, will kill its victims. But with so many options for where to get treatment, how do you know the best choice? How can you be sure a treatment program is going to successfully get a patient into lasting recovery? How can you ensure you won’t have to undergo treatment again after a quick relapse? The key is picking the right drug and alcohol rehab center.

High Recovery Rate at the Ridge

The Ridge’s estimated recovery rate is high, meaning that our patients aren’t heading in and out of rehab every other month, but getting sober and staying sober. When considering the investment of time and money that a stay in a residential rehab center represents, it’s not feasible to have multiple stays, incentivizing “getting it right” the first time. The Ridge is physician-managed, and features a treatment program designed by certified addictionologists who are experts on the latest in addiction medicine.

The amenities at The Ridge are some of the Midwest’s best

The residential facility is a beautifully furnished estate home with 14 beds, ensuring a high staff-to-patient ratio. Located on 51 beautifully wooded acres, The Ridge offers a sauna, fishing pond, swimming pool, and on-staff chefs who prepare fresh, nutritious meals every day. Some people think rehab facilities are going to be intimidating, sterile, featureless, hospital-like places where patients sleep in rooms the size (and aesthetic quality) of a college dorm room. The Ridge wants to be as far from that kind of facility as we can. Our patients are undergoing the extremely difficult and stressful task of beating addiction, so we believe it’s only fair that they should be made as comfortable as possible while they do it.

Long Term Sobriety

We also focus on ensuring our patients stay in recovery even after they’ve left the facility. The Ridge strongly recommends that a recovering addict stay active in support groups, like AA or NA, outpatient care, or aftercare after leaving residential treatment. Often people in recovery will think that since they’ve been sober for so long or are only having mild cravings, they’re safe from relapse and no longer need to stay active in support groups. We strongly recommend against this. Just because someone’s having a good period of recovery, that doesn’t mean they aren’t in danger, and for a newly recovering person, seeing someone confident in their sobriety at a support group can be an example of what they can achieve.

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