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Akron, Ohio Residential Treatment Centers

Akron, Ohio Residential Drug Rehab has ranked The Ridge Ohio as one of the best rehab facilities in Akron, Ohio.Akron, Ohio, has been facing an opiate epidemic for the past several years. Ever since the creation and mass production of prescription painkillers, these medications have been overused and abused, leading to dependence, addiction, and overdose deaths. Today, the problem has evolved into an opiate addiction epidemic, with individuals getting high not just on prescription pills, but fentanyl, heroin, and even large animal drugs as well.

What started for most as effective pain relief medication for real conditions has turned into a nationwide addiction epidemic that affects large cities, small towns, suburbs, and rural areas alike. Prescription painkillers are addicting, and when not used properly, users experience cravings to get high, which leads them to use more and more of the medications and turn to other drugs, like heroin, to get high. Heroin is known for being a dangerous and addicting street drug, causing users to become completely controlled by it and many of them overdosing and dying trying to get a better high.

Akron Inpatient Drug Rehab Resources

Drug addiction and overdose statistics in Akron and Summit County are improving, largely due to education and treatment programs that are now available. Treatment for opiate addiction requires withdrawal, often with the help of symptom-managing medications and even opiate replacement drugs. The Ridge offers a medication-assisted detox program that helps reduce or eliminate painful withdrawal symptoms and helps individuals concentrate on developing skills they need to remain sober.

The Ridge is a residential treatment center located just outside of Cincinnati. We offer a variety of treatment models that are designed specifically for each client, and we are fully licensed and skilled at helping individuals learn how to sustain a sober lifestyle. The Ridge is equipped to help those struggling with opiate addiction, as well as alcoholism and addiction to other drugs.

Drug Use in Akron

 Drug use statistics in the Akron area and all of Ohio are troubling. According to the Summit County Public Health:

2016 was the worst year on file for opiate overdoses and deaths in the county:

  • There were 2,431 total drug overdoses treated at Summit County emergency rooms in 2016. 575 of those were in Akron, the rest in the suburbs.

Numbers are currently holding steady and even decreasing, but are still at alarming levels:

  • Unintentional overdose deaths in 2017 have decreased by about 100 compared to 2016.
  • In 2017, there were 299 overdose deaths among Summit County residents, along with 41 others who lived outside the county.
  • The county sees an average of 5 overdoses a day.
  • Today, Akron makes up 60% of all overdoses in the county, while suburban communities make up the remaining 40%.
  • 49% of overdoses in the county are by people ages 18-34. Men make up 58% of overdoses.
Heroin is known for being a dangerous and addicting street drug, causing users to become completely controlled by it and many of them overdosing and dying trying to get a better high.

Residential Addiction Treatment at The Ridge 

There are many resources available for communities looking to prevent opiate addiction and help educate the public about this dangerous trend:

Prevention Action Alliance

Summit County Community Partnership

Project DAWN

Addiction treatment at a qualified residential rehab facility is the best way to overcome this serious disease. Residential treatment allows the individual to get away from the stress and pressures of life, as well as poor influences and negative relationships. During treatment, the individual is immersed in one-on-one treatment, group therapy, and support groups, and encouraged to focus on sober living. The health of the body, mind, and spirit are all important, and exercise, healthy eating, rest, and relaxation are part of the recovery process.

The Ridge Treatment Center’s programming is physician-directed, and we employ a team of doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, addictionologists, and nutritionists to help our clients achieve sustained recovery. We offer a completely customized treatment experience for each of our clients, and a full assessment upon enrollment ensures individuals are provided with the specific services they require for full healing. The Ridge is Joint Commission certified, which means we are held to the highest standards for service and safety. We work with all major insurance companies and our programming is covered as an out of network provider.

Akron, Ohio Residential Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are problems facing all areas of Ohio. The Ridge program is a residential treatment program located near Cincinnati. Because clients stay at the facility for 30 days or longer, we are an ideal fit for anyone in Ohio who needs residential levels of care for alcohol use disorders.

Getting Help for Alcohol Use Disorder in Akron, OH

When a person seeks help for alcohol use disorder that individual needs to understand their options when it comes to treatment. Most folks never need to seek alcohol treatment facilities, so the process is unfamiliar. With the right information, you can make the best choice for yourself or your loved one.

Some people are not sure if they have a problem or are calling for their loved ones and may not be sure of the extent or severity of abuse. From our experience usually, if you are making the effort to call, there is enough evidence of a problem that the next steps should be taken. It is best not to wait as the alcohol use rarely improves on its own.

When a person calls The Ridge, we do an initial phone screening, this takes about five minutes and it determines broadly if you (or your loved one) is/are an appropriate candidate for our residential alcohol rehab program. After we determine your eligibility you will do a pre-assessment with a licensed professional that will be more in-depth and is designed to help determine the appropriate level of care, whether detox or mental health help is needed, and forms the foundation of your treatment plan. Once this is reviewed you will then receive an intake date.

Usually, a full continuum of care is the best option if the person has been abusing alcohol for long periods. A full continuum of care offers multiple levels of treatment intensity and keeps the patient engaged in treatment as long as possible. This process is defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) and organizations such as the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

For alcohol use disorder, a common treatment plan may include

Alcohol detoxification: A person who abuses alcohol with enough frequency and amount (as determined by medical staff) will require a detox period in a medical facility. This is usually severaldays (the length is determined by medical need). In the case of The Ridge program, we will take the patient bed to bed once the detox protocol is complete. In many cases, we see patients who are not drinking every day or are more binge drinkers, or who may have already been through detox. We can accept them directly into our residential level of care after clearance from our physicians.

Residential Alcohol Rehab: This level of care is offered at The Stuckert house through The Ridge program. Guests will have several weeks of intensive daily programming. This residential programming includes one on one counseling, group counseling, weekly treatment team sessions to evaluate progress, and therapeutic adjuncts to treatment. At the residential level of care, clients stay at The Stuckert House 24 hours a day with clinical supervision. Clients are provided with meals, recreation, and exercise opportunities as part of their treatment episode.

Partial Hospitalization/PHP: This is a step down from residential care which allows for less supervision with daily treatment still occurring.

Aftercare: After completing the residential treatment program most patients benefit from having access to continued support. The Ridge provides a weekly aftercare group to serve this need. This extended period lasts for about 52 weeks and increases the chances of long-term recovery. It is recommended by our physicians and is part of The Ridge program. If you are too far from Cincinnati, we can help set you up with an equivalent aftercare experience in your area. We have people travel from Dayton and all over the region to attend our aftercare.

How Much Does Alcohol Rehab Cost at The Ridge?

Our program varies in length and intensity depending on your specific medical needs. We accept private health insurance and bill the out of network benefits for your treatment episode. This means that most people will have a copayment due on the day of admission.

We cannot accept Medicaid, Medicare or marketplace insurance plans as they do not offer out of network benefits. For more about our program costs please see this page.

How Long is The Ridge Residential Alcohol Rehab Program?

The Ridge program is based on medical necessity and that is determined throughout your treatment episode using clinical assessments, counselor and client input, and DSM-5 criteria. In general, the residential portion of the stay averages about 30 days. And the outpatient aftercare portion is 52 weeks. Detox, if necessary is completed before you are admitted to residential. Detox length can vary greatly depending on alcohol use habits and client health status.

If you are looking for residential treatment for addiction to opiates or other substance, we can help.

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