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Residential Drug Rehab Loveland

Residential Drug Rehab in Loveland Ohio

Drug addiction and alcoholism can occur in any neighborhood in any city. Drugs are easy to obtain in today’s world through illegal online activity, doctor’s prescriptions, drug dealers on the street, and through family and friends.

Prescription painkiller abuse has been a problem since the 1990s when an increase in prescriptions of these medications led to more pills in circulation where they could be misused and abused. Once an individual gets hooked, even if they started out using the medication for a real problem, it is difficult to stop using.

Heroin addiction and overdoses have been a major problem in Ohio since 2010. It was at that time that government and local agencies started cracking down on pill mills and doctors who were overprescribing opiate painkillers. As it became more difficult to obtain prescription opiates, people quickly turned to the opiate heroin, which is unfortunately still readily available through dealers and traffickers.

Loveland Inpatient Drug Rehab Resources

Today there are a startling number of business executives and professionals that are addicted to opiates like prescription painkillers or heroin. While they certainly didn’t expect to find themselves living as drug addicts, addiction has taken control of their lives. These individuals’ best chance at a sober life again is residential drug rehab. The Ridge is a treatment facility outside of Cincinnati, Ohio that offers confidential rehab to those in need of addiction services.

Drug Abuse in Loveland

Loveland, Ohio is a beautiful city full of residents who are health focused. There are many in the area, however, who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, many of whom have tried to keep their problem a secret in order to protect their career or reputation. The numbers might be surprising to some, but the area around Loveland has seen a sharp increase in opiate-related deaths in the past decade.

Our skilled staff provides compassionate treatment and support to clients, and with a team of physicians and other medical professionals, clients can be sure they are getting the very best care possible.

Hamilton County Opiate Overdose Statistics:

  • Overdose deaths in Hamilton County jumped by 31 percent in 2017, to 529 deaths, up from 403 in 2016.
  • Of the 529 overdose deaths investigated, 373 were opiate-related and 81 were cocaine-related deaths according to the Hamilton County Coroner.

Clermont County Drug Overdose Statistics:

  • According to the Ohio Department of Health, Clermont ranked fourth in Ohio for overdose deaths, with an average of two deaths per week in 2016.
  • The county was named fourth in the nation for heroin deaths between the years 2009 and 2013 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Numbers have fluctuated in the county – in 2000, Clermont had two reported unintentional drug poisoning deaths, but by 2010, that number was 49. By 2015, it was 105, and 78% of those were related to opiate drugs. In 2016, the number was back down to 96 overdose deaths.

Butler County Drug Overdose Statistics:

  • More than half of Butler County’s 25 municipalities had at least one heroin/fentanyl overdose-related death in 2016.
  • The county saw 192 total overdose deaths that year, and 153 of them were opiate overdoses.
  • In 2017, the total number of overdose deaths increased to 232, with 190 of them being opiate-related.

Residential Addiction Treatment at The Ridge

The community of Loveland is concerned about the opiate addiction problem surrounding it. Several county-wide coalitions have been established to help promote education and prevention campaigns:

Hamilton County Heroin Coalition

Get Clean Now Clermont

Prevention Action Alliance

For those currently struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, there is hope. Residential treatment at a licensed facility like The Ridge provides real healing for a better future. Our skilled staff provides compassionate treatment and support to clients, and with a team of physicians and other medical professionals, clients can be sure they are getting the very best care possible.

The Ridge encourages whole person healing, with a focus on psychological recovery through therapy and counseling, physical wellness through healthy meals and recreation, and emotional healing through family therapy and rebuilding interpersonal communication skills. We work with all major insurance companies and our programming is covered on an out of network provider basis.

We treat patients from all over Ohio and the surrounding area. Since we are a residential treatment center we can pick up patients from anywhere in Ohio.

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