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Residential Drug Rehab Westerville

Westerville, Ohio Residential Drug Rehab

Drug addiction controls lives and ruins relationships. It causes huge financial strain, leads to lost productivity, and causes instability in homes. Unfortunately, many people continue to live with addiction for months and even years, not getting the help they really need.

Residential addiction rehab is the most effective way to treat drug and alcohol addiction. By helping the individual enroll in full-time treatment away from home, many of the pressures and temptations to use are eliminated and the person becomes fully immersed in the recovery process. Residential treatment today offers many amenities and services that weren’t offered in the past. Today, with personal chefs, pools, exercise facilities, and beautiful scenery, residential treatment becomes a much-needed getaway for personal reflection and healing.

Westerville Inpatient Drug Rehab Resources

The Ridge is a leading residential treatment facility located near Cincinnati, Ohio. Through intensive therapy and counseling, as well as whole body and mind wellness, we help individuals achieve their recovery goals. Our relapse prevention program helps clients continue to remain on the right track even long after their stay with us is over.

Drug Use in Westerville

Nearly every state in America has been hit by rising trends in drug and alcohol addiction. Ohio currently has one of the highest rates of opiate overdose in the nation. The opiate epidemic caught many communities unaware at first, but too many people are dying from accidental overdose for our society not to notice.

According to the Ohio Department of Health:

  • Each day, nearly four Ohioans die because of drug-related overdose.
  • In Ohio, since 2007, there have been more deaths from drug overdose than from motor vehicle traffic crashes.
  • In 1999, there were 327 fatal drug overdoses in Ohio. In 2010, that number rose to 1,544 deaths, an increase of 372 percent.
  • At least 1,257 Franklin County residents died of unintentional drug overdose from 2000 to 2010. That equals 114 deaths each year on average in our county alone amounting to 1.2 times the state overdose rate.
  • Prescription pain relievers are associated with more overdose deaths than heroin and cocaine combined in Ohio.
By helping the individual enroll in full-time treatment away from home, many of the pressures and temptations to use are eliminated and the person becomes fully immersed in the recovery process.

Suburban communities that take drinking and drug use seriously still experience addiction problems. Westerville itself has witnessed individuals and families struggling because of a drug addiction or alcoholism. This issue needs to be addressed by helping those addicted to drugs or alcohol get professional treatment. 

Residential Addiction Treatment at The Ridge

The Westerville Police Department has recognized the heroin and prescription painkiller problem in the area and regularly hosts education and prevention events for the public. Visit the WPD website for more information about upcoming events.

While local resources help educate the public and prevent more drug addiction, there are millions of people and families that need addiction treatment today. The Ridge offers medication-assisted detox, and then residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

The Ridge specializes in opiate addiction treatment, but because we customize all of our programming for the individual client, we are able to help those with any type of substance addiction. We are Joint Commission certified, which means safety is our number one priority and we hold to the highest standards for programming. Families are a large part of the recovery process at our facility, and we invite families and loved ones to participate in family therapy whenever possible. Support group and peer group participation also help build interpersonal skills and relationships.

Taking the first step and asking for help can be difficult, but knowing the right kind of help is out there makes it easier. The Ridge’s program is physician directed and our team of addiction professionals is skilled in different therapy models in order to reach each client. We discreetly treat professionals and executives and help these individuals get back to their lives, families, and careers as quickly as possible, with the tools they will need to maintain their sobriety.

Situated on 51 pristine acres, The Ridge provides a serene location for a getaway. Our on site chef prepares nutritious meals designed to fuel the body and promote healing of the mind.

If you are looking for residential drug or alcohol addiction treatment anywhere in Ohio, we can help. Contact The Ridge today to learn about our programs.

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