As a result of Medicaid and Medicare currently paying beneath the necessary costs to provide premium
residential services and treatment programs, we are not able to contract or accept these methods of payment.

Drug Treatment Centers

High Recovery Rate at the Ridge

If you’re considering drug or alcohol addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one struggling with substance abuse, you’re going to want to find a treatment program that’s effective. Addiction only gets worse the longer an addicted person takes to get into recovery, so finding a rehabilitation program that gets them sober and keeps them sober is a priority. At The Ridge, our treatment program is Joint Commission accredited and has a high recovery rate. We believe that at our success is partially based on the overall superiority of residential care to all other forms of drug treatment.

Residential Treatment

Outpatient drug treatment works for those whose addictions aren’t yet severe, or for people who are unable to leave their jobs, families, or other obligations for a residential program. But while being able to go home or to work might seem like a selling point to some, it can actually be a hindrance to treatment and recovery. A person’s home life or social situation often enable their drug habit, and by exposing themselves to places, people and situations that they associate with their drug use, they may trigger intense cravings. Residential treatment avoids this danger completely.

51 wooded acres

The Ridge’s residential treatment program requires patients to stay in our facility, a beautifully furnished estate home on 51 wooded acres. Residential treatment ensures that our patients won’t have the means to relapse while in treatment. Our staff will be ready to help out any of our patients at any time, and since we only hold 14 patients maximum at one time, there is never a shortage of physicians, nurses, or counselors ready to help.

Each day at The Ridge is focused on recovery

Our treatment program has different types of therapy scheduled throughout the day, and we offer our patients ample free time to spend on any of The Ridge’s amenities, all of which are selected with recovery in mind—exercise releases endorphins that boost mood and confidence, healthy fresh-cooked meals rejuvenate malnourished addicted bodies, and learning to have fun while sober proves an invaluable asset in recovery.

Once residential treatment ends, a patient isn’t done getting help from us. We recommend active participation in support groups and aftercare to keep your chances of continued sobriety as high as possible.

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