Cathy Cooke

Cathy Cooke - Ridge Alumni Coordinator
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Cathy Cooke is a CDCA and Certified Interventionist Professional (CIP). She has worked with Sober Escorts, Inc. (SEI) for close to a decade. SEI was founded in 2004 and provides a full spectrum of specialized services for individuals and families who suffer from substance abuse that are designed to get those who need help into treatment, and secure their sobriety upon discharge. These services include sober transport, sober coaching and companions, case management and interventions.

Cathy is a graduate of The Ohio State University. She spent a large part of her career in sales and sales management with high tech companies. In 2011, after getting sober herself, she changed her career path to helping other families and individuals suffering from alcoholism and addiction through the process of interventions, something she had hoped her family would organize years before she sought treatment. In addition to her work as an interventionist, she is also a sober and codependency coach. Growing up in a family with parents who suffered from alcoholism, she understands family generational trauma and the impact of addiction on the family, especially children. Her own recovery has included in depth work in the 12 step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Co-Dependents Anonymous, and Adult Children of Alcoholics.

Cathy is a longtime advocate of The Ridge of Ohio due to the intensive family programming, one year aftercare program, and robust programming. She describes it as a ‘magical place of healing’ and has referred many clients since they opened in 2012 who have maintained continuous and long term sobriety.