The Ridge Staff

The Ridge staff is exceptionally qualified and eager to help you or your loved one break free of addiction’s grip and get started living in recovery.

Our Program is Run by

Dr. Marc Whitsett

The Ridge Ohio Substance Use Disorder Treatment Center is facilitated by compassionate staff including doctors, and a psychiatrist.

We accredit our client’s consistent success to the passion-driven program our Medical Director, Dr. Marc Whitsett gave us with vision and purpose.

Dr. Whitsett continues the legacy, began by the late Dr. Jeffrey Stuckert. Both physicians agreed, that the cunning disease of addiction should be battled using a variety of modalities. cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and trauma therapy are key components to include with traditional 12 step methods.

At The Ridge, you will find physicians, licensed counselors, and specialty therapists that grant clients from across the Midwest, a highly effective approach at overcoming addiction.

Lisa Richardson, CEO

Lisa has led teams in the social services arena for the past 20 years and has been responsible for several start-ups, acquisitions, and expansions within the addictions field.  Her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration is from Evangel University.  Her Master’s Degree in Administrative Studies is from Missouri State University.  Lisa is also a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

Lisa is a first-generation college graduate who is passionate about transforming cultures, creating systems that work and increasing brand value.  She understands how families can be impacted by habits, addictions, and patterns. Lisa believes that one changed life has the power to impact generations of families, children, and communities.  She counts it an honor to develop life-changing programs that are based upon evidence of what works.

Jared Moré, CMO

Jared holds the role of Chief Marketing Officer at The Ridge Ohio. Through this role, he is able to fulfill his passion for serving those in the behavioral health community by representing and growing a remarkable brand – The Ridge.

Jared has more than 15 years of experience in online sales, search engine marketing, digital data, brand development & lead generation. In his career, Jared has served as a growth-driven marketing executive specializing in the substance use disorder treatment space. From driving web property acquisitions to corporate M&A, managing digital properties and using ethical marketing strategies Jared always maintains the purpose of what we do in the treatment field: to help other people improve their life. Jared has a passion for data and brand power and how they can be leveraged to build amazing companies and deliver a quality product to the end user.

Dr. Bethany J. DeRhodes, Assistant Medical Director

Dr. Bethany J.  DeRhodes serves as the Assistant Medical Director of The Ridge residential treatment program and staff psychiatrist. She is a highly knowledgeable, resourceful, compassionate board-certified psychiatrist and USAF Veteran with 11 years of experience in both medical and military settings.  Dr. DeRhodes joined The Ridge staff in Jan 2019.

Dr. DeRhodes completed her undergraduate work in Biology with a minor in Music at Union College in Schenectady, New York.  She received a scholarship for medical training through the Health Professions Scholarship Program and graduated from Albany Medical College in Albany, New York.   Dr. DeRhodes completed her residency through the Wright State University Residency Training Program from 2004-2008 and was chief resident in psychiatry from 2007-2008.  She served in the United States Air Force from 2000-2012 to include 8 years at Misawa Air Base Japan where she served as the Mental Health Flight commander managing the mental health services of approximately 10,000 military personnel and their dependents.    Since completing her training, Dr. DeRhodes has accumulated diverse experience in treating psychiatric patients in various settings. Her experience spans acute inpatient units, transplant services, consultation-liaison psychiatry (psychosomatic medicine), addiction medicine, psychotherapy, and outpatient medical management.

Stacy Klousiadis, M.Ed., LICDC, Clinical Director

Hello, my name is Stacy Klousiadis and I am the Clinical Director for The Ridge. I hold an LICDC, which is an independent license through the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professional Board. I have my master’s in education with a focus on professional counseling from Lindsey Wilson College. I have been working with this organization for over 10 years now. I enjoy working with the other members of this team to make sure that we provide the best care for each individual that comes through the Ridge.


I hold a LICDC-CS, which is an independent license in chemical dependency counseling with a Clinical Supervisor endorsement through the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board. I have been working as a counselor at the Ridge since December 30, 2013. In 2008, I received my Master’s Degree from the University of Cincinnati, focusing on Addictions. I love working with clients, their families, and staff at the Ridge. One of the greatest gifts I get the opportunity to witness is the clients finding hope and discovering who they are.


I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Behavioral Science and have worked in the chemical dependency field since 2002. I love working with our clients as they continually challenge me to be a better listener and a more effective agent of change. The organization, my supervisors and co-workers allow me to broker hope for people who deeply need it.


My name is Katrina but I go by Kat. I hold an LCDC II, which is a license in chemical dependency counseling through the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board. My degree is in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Addiction Counseling. I have been working as a counselor at the Ridge since February 2016. I am passionate about educating, motivating and instilling hope to our clients.

J. Kyle Short CDCA-II, Aftercare Counselor

My name is J. Kyle Short CDCA-II. I began working at the Ridge in June of 2015. I started out as a Patient Safety Monitor; working most weekends as well as night shifts. I was promoted within a few short months to a primary clinician position. I worked at the Ridge until November 2017. At that time, I “spread my wings” and branched out to another in-patient rehabilitation facility. Early 2019 I was asked if I would be interested to take over the Ridge Aftercare counselor position, to which I immediately agreed and re-joined the team February 1, 2019. I believe in the Ridge, the clinicians and the medical team that assists people in reclaiming and rediscovering themselves with dignity and kindness. It is the most fulfilling role I have had, outside of being a father to a daughter and a brand-new son.

By far, the most rewarding aspect of this “job” is seeing people start to love and accept themselves. Watching someone who believes themselves to be weak develop strength gives me the courage to continue moving forward, despite the obstacle, which is most likely self-created. I frequently bring myself back to the present moment. Every day, I face fears in my life- whether they be the fear of inadequacy, the fear of judgment, or the fear of the unknown. My 11-year sober anniversary, God-willing, is on July 1, 2019. Without the principles of recovery continuing to be implemented, I would have nothing.

We must be moldable and absorbent to what other people, who have walked in our shoes, have to say. We must step out of our comfort zone, ask for and accept help from another person. We must believe in ourselves. We must begin loving ourselves. We must be gentle and kind to ourselves. How we love ourselves is how we teach others to love us.

MaryJo Stelzer, Admissions Coordinator

Mary Jo Stelzer has more than 20 years of sobriety and recovery experience working with addicts and alcoholics in the Cincinnati community. In her role as the Admissions Coordinator for The Ridge of Ohio, she handles clients needs, as well as families, during the inpatient treatment program. As an Alumni Coordinator, her interest is in growing our Alumni community to provide ongoing education and support and to bring a spirit of fellowship and teamwork.

Bobby Haury, Ridge executive chef

Chef Bobby Haury was exposed to a variety of experiences and ethnic diversity at an early age. This developed his love for multicultural food and the happiness that people feel when a passion for cooking is tasted. Bobby was also exposed to the hustle and flow of restaurant life. This energy has a contagious rhythm, that would lead to his life’s journey.

After serving as a combat veteran in an elite army unit, Bobby went back to his memories as a young child where the table and food became the centerpiece to guide his culinary career.Bobby’s culinary education is a combination of NY culinary institutions and working with French master chefs. This has developed his French culinary background along with his love for multicultural food and a desire to cook clean.

Bobby has had the opportunity to be an executive chef and chef de cuisine from NY to the UK and opened a food truck as well. Bobby has also a great passion for motorcycles and the outdoors.
“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”