The Ridge’s Recreation Program

The Importance of Recreation in Addiction Recovery

The general benefits of frequent exercise are common knowledge; however, exercise can play a key role in helping someone recovering from addiction. During recovery, nutrition and exercise work together to release endorphins, which stimulate a better mood and increased optimism, while diminishing depressive tendencies. Since withdrawal from addiction is often such an unpleasant process, the mood-boosting effects of exercise are especially welcome in helping patients through the more difficult parts of recovery with as much comfort and optimism as possible.

Health & Wellness at the Ridge

We facilitate frequent exercise periods during The Ridge program since we feel it correlates to a more hopeful, engaged patient who has a better chance to achieve long-term sobriety. In addition to overall health benefits, exercise can also be a good life pattern for patients to adopt post-treatment and, in effect, reduce the chances of relapse.

Customized Recreational Activities

During your stay at The Ridge, you will have many opportunities to exercise, be active and enjoy your surroundings. The property is expansive at 51 acres there is plenty of space to stretch your legs and walk. We offer visits to a local gym three times per week. We offer yoga therapy, music therapy, and art therapy classes. Summertime swimming is a favorite recreation activity. Your exercise program is very important for your long-term recovery and we encourage you to continue your regiment after you go home. We understand that people have different physical and personal preferences when it comes to exercise and your plan will be tailored to your needs upon the advice of the doctors and counselors.

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