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Patient Requirements

Patient Requirements for Residential Treatment

All patients must follow our patient handbook, which details guidelines for residential addiction treatment at The Ridge. Most of the guidelines are established and governed by ODADAS (Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services). The rehab treatment program is regimented and focused to provide the best chance of long-term recovery.

Requirements for Rehab Treatment

Patients are not allowed to have a car during their minimum 30 day stay. However, contrary to some stereotypes about drug rehab treatment centers, patients are not held against their will. We will only treat patients who want to undergo residential addiction treatment. If they choose to leave prematurely, although we will try to persuade them otherwise, they are free to go.

While we have a phone that patients can use to contact family members, personal cell phones, iPads, laptops, and other electronic devices / Wi-Fi enabled devices are not permitted. The Ridge’s rehab treatment program requires dedication to our classes and activities, and for this reason, we limit the number of potentially distracting items. Personal music players, books, and other reading material is permitted to be enjoyed during designated times.

Active Engagement In Treatment

All patients must be actively engaged in the 30 day addiction treatment program, and show a dedication to recovering from drugs and alcohol. This includes demonstrating a positive and respectful attitude toward oneself, other patients, and staff members and being supportive during group sessions.

Of course, during rehab treatment we require abstinence from alcohol and drugs, and participation in all classes, meetings and 12-step programs. Patients must remain on the facilities or within the presence of one of our staff during times we are away from The Ridge.