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Mother and SonFreedom from Addiction Begins with Action.

Joint Commission Accredited* Estimated 80% Recovery Rate

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“After drinking for over 30 years, I was convinced I would die an alcoholic. I am grateful to The Ridge’s staff for opening the door to the rest of my life. Now I am able to spend quality time with my grandkids and make a difference in their lives.”

~ A Retired Professional

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Build a Foundation for Recovery at the Midwest’s Premier Residential Treatment Center

Ridge Pics

Physicians founded the Ridge to create the most effective treatment center in the nation.We ensure high recovery rates with:

Ridge Pics

Very focused care for an average of 12 hours a day for 30 days

Ridge Pics

Family group therapy and education to strengthen the recovery process

Ridge Pics

Nutrition, exercise, and external support to strengthen treatment progress

Ridge Pics

A tailored program led by Physicians and executed by a licensed, experienced clinical team

Ridge Pics

Clients have the Ridge as a lifetime resource

Ridge Pics

A private 14-bed, 51-acre estate to provide comfort, security, and tranquility