The Ridge Alumni Community

When you graduate from The Ridge, you’re automatically a part of our extended alumni family – a supportive network of The Ridge program graduates who understand firsthand what life is like before, during, and after treatment. The longer you stay involved with treatment and support groups such as our alumni the better your chances at long-term sobriety become.

Alumni Events
Staying Sober

Alumni Coordinators

Mary Jo Stelzer

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Mary Jo Stelzer has more than 20 years of sobriety and recovery experience working with addicts and alcoholics in the Cincinnati community. In her role as the Admissions Coordinator for The Ridge of Ohio, she handles clients needs, as well as families, during the inpatient treatment program. As an Alumni Coordinator, her interest is in growing our Alumni community to provide ongoing education and support and to bring a spirit of fellowship and teamwork.

Personal Mantra: Today I get to choose to be in the solution instead of in the problem.  I want to be the bridge from despair to HOPE.

Favorite Quote: “If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.” Brene Brown.

Cathy Cooke, CDCA

To learn more or get involved contact:

Cathy Cooke,

Cathy is a Recovery Specialist and Interventionist. She is a Candidate Member of the Association of Interventionist Specialists as well as Board Member of The First Step Home. In her role at The Ridge she supports addicts, alcoholics and family members in early recovery.

Personal Mantra: Pray, don’t drink, do the next right thing.

Favorite Quote: You can’t think you’re way into new behaviors, you have to behave your way into new thinking.

Calendar & Events

  • Fun group outings and activities
  • Regular check-ins, encouragement, and phone contact with Alumni and peers
  • Invitations and reminders for local Ridge events, speakers, and social gatherings
  • Opportunities to involve supportive family and friends in your recovery experience
  • Al-Anon and 12 step meetings and events

Alumni meetings are held the first Saturday of each month 10 AM – 11:30 AM at our main office location, 25 Whitney Drive. Suite 120, Milford, OH 45150.

To connect with The Ridge Alumni Program contact your Alumni Coordinator:

Jessica Sellar
Alumni Coordinator

As a Ridge Alumnus, your participation with your fellow alumni through our events – and in the community is the biggest thank you that we can receive. We appreciate our alumni and invite any Ridge graduate to participate.

Monthly Alumni Event – Next event in November

Thank you to all who participated in our third annual Alumni Luncheon! It was a pleasure seeing everyone. More info to follow on your next alumni community event in November. There will not be a monthly alumni event in October due to the Alumni Luncheon.

Weekly Al-Anon Meeting at The Ridge main office

Questions – Please contact:

Darsey Stump

Tips on Staying Sober and Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention Techniques

Completing a residential program is a monumental achievement, but the physicians and staff members at The Ridge understand that this is just the beginning of your recovery process. It is important to understand relapse prevention techniques to make sure the progress you’ve made lasts. While a patient undergoes addiction aftercare, it can sometimes be difficult to deal with cravings and avoid dangerous triggers than can cause relapse.

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Healthy Eating and Physical Fitness: Your Secret Weapons in Addiction Recovery

While achieving sobriety is any addicted person’s first priority, it’s essential that they take the extra steps to regain a holistic sense of health and wellness. A healthy body feels more comfortable, energetic, and balanced, contributing to the continuance of a sober lifestyle. The Ridge is committed to achieving this level of health for our patients with a balanced program of nutrition and exercise.

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Tips for Staying Sober

Staying sober is a lifelong process, and we understand that cravings can be an obstacle for patients during the recovery process. When you learn how to break addiction habits and identify cravings, you can manage and avoid the urge to relapse.
It’s important to note that experiencing cravings is not a sign of weakness – it’s a natural part of recovery, and is deeply rooted in your psychological association with drugs and alcohol.

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The Importance of Family Involvement in Substance Abuse Treatment and Addiction Therapy

For family and friends of drug and/or alcohol addicted individuals, confronting addiction is one of the most difficult steps in seeking substance abuse treatment. Often, drug and alcohol addiction has built a destructive cycle over a time to the point where daily family involvement actually enables the addicted individual.

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With a compassionate staff and clear, understandable treatment methods and goals, drug treatment is nothing to be afraid of, but instead an invaluable asset for an addicted person to get healthy again.

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