How Recreation Enhances Substance Abuse Programs – Covington, KY

recreationAsk the average person if he thinks rehab would be a fun time, and chances are you won’t hear “yes” too often. The image of rehab as a series of bare hallways, cramped rooms, and lumpy cots is alive and well, even though it shouldn’t be. Some of today’s substance abuse programs are often extravagantly luxurious, allowing patients to get clean in a beautiful environment with a wide variety of activities to pass the time. Who says rehab can’t be fun?

After all, one of the biggest factors in an addiction treatment program’s success is the patient’s willingness to work with the treatment. It’s only logical that someone is more willing to accept responsibility and work on self-improvement when they are comfortable, calm, engaged, and have access to exercise and recreation. Therefore, recreational activities that let patients enter this emotional state are directly helping their recovery.

Substance abuse programs at The Ridge include access to acres of beautifully wooded grounds for walking, swimming, and fishing to keep patients serenely occupied – Covington, KY. Click here to learn more.


Rehab facilities now offer many recreational activities, separate from their treatment programs.Visiting museums, going bowling or even a trip to a zoo can be very helpful for a client to re-learn how to “smell the roses” sober. If an addict can learn to enjoy life while sober, it will have be an critical step towards recovery—and where better to learn how to have fun sober than in rehab? Knowing all this, it seems like it’s in the best interest of recovery for rehab to be as well-rounded as possible!


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