The Very Best in Addiction Treatment

Offering you all the tools you need to get back to sobriety.

What Sets The Ridge Ohio Apart

The Ridge Ohio offers a higher standard of care on a beautiful 51-acre estate. Addiction is a difficult disease to bear, and it’s even more difficult to overcome. We understand and have designed our program to give you all the tools you need to get back to sobriety. You’ll quickly understand why we are Ohio’s best drug & alcohol addiction treatment centers.


The Most Focused Treatment

Personalized, Focused CareWith only 16 beds, our 30 day treatment program is the most focused of its kind. Some treatment centers hold dozens of patients, and struggle to give each patient the proper attention. At The Ridge, our staff of doctors, nurses and licensed counselors makes sure everyone gets the care they need.

Family & Education are Key

Education is KeyMany people don’t know much about addiction—that is, until it strikes a loved one. A supportive, understanding family is a vital asset in recovery. Our program educates families that addiction isn’t a choice, but a disease that can be overcome through treatment.

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Nutritious, Delicious Meals

Therapeutic Gourmet EatingMost clients arrive malnourished after years of alcohol/drug abuse, so our on-staff chefs prepare fresh, healthy meals that provide restorative nutrition that assists recovery.

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51 Acres of Natural Beauty

51 Acres of Natural BeautyThe Ridge’s majestic wooded grounds offer a place for patients to find serenity and peace. Our campus is perfect for watching animals, connecting with nature, or a stroll. We may not be a beachfront facility, but the Midwest has as much to offer as any ocean view.

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Physician-Managed Treatment

Physician-Managed TreatmentRecovering from addiction is too important to trust to anyone but the most qualified treatment providers. The Ridge’s programs are designed and managed by Board-Certified addictionologists Dr. Marc Whitsett, whose expertise and knowledge ensure the best chance for recovery.

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A Strong Recovery Rate

A Strong Recovery RateDue to focused treatment and a high staff-to-patient ratio, we maintain a high recovery rate. See this achievement mentioned in an article about us from the Cincinnati Enquirer!

Recreation and Physical Fitness

Recreation and Physical FitnessWe are adamant about exercise and recreation at The Ridge, requiring physical activity 4 to 5 times a week. Our exciting fitness options release natural, healthy endorphins which improve mood, assist recovery, and help clients learn how to have fun sober.

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Discreet Treatment for Professionals

Discreet Treatment for White-Collar ProfessionalsOur Joint Commission Accreditation means we are capable of treating executives and licensed professionals like doctors, nurses, dentists or lawyers from cities like Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. We offer the highest quality care to put you, not addiction, in control of your life. Our relationship with assistance groups that are accountable to various licensing boards means that our treatment can help you preserve the licenses to practice you worked so hard to achieve.