As a result of Medicaid and Medicare currently paying beneath the necessary costs to provide premium
residential services and treatment programs, we are not able to contract or accept these methods of payment.

What To Expect

When You Call

During your first call, you will be connected with one of our intake specialists. The intake specialist is prepared to answer any of your questions. Most folks ask about whether or not they need treatment, what level of care we offer, program location, and financial questions.

The intake specialist will be able to connect you with intervention services, set you up with a tour, schedule an assessment, and also verify your insurance. If you are not a great fit for us the intake specialist will also refer you to one of our partners, or other resources to point you in the right direction. It is always helpful to have your insurance card ready so we can quickly verify your benefits.

Admissions Process

Once we verify your insurance benefits and learn more about your situation the admission process will begin. First you will receive a pre-admission assessment to determine the appropriate level of care and specific clinical situiation you are facing. Depending on the outcome of your assessment you may be referred to detox (heavy alcohol, or benzodiazepine use). Or in many cases we can accept you directly into one of The Ridge programs. You will then show up to our administrative office in Milford, Ohio meet with our intake coordinator sign some paperwork and head to your program location.

Before Your Visit

There are several things you will need to pack for your stay at The Ridge residential program. There are also certain items we do not allow. Learn about what to bring and how to prepare for your visit.

During Your Stay

Clients should expect to be busy and adhere to the schedule. In order to maximize your stay and the experience of everyone during proramming, we ask that you minimize delay and interruptions. It is our goal for each client to gain the most out of the residential program with a focus on recovery at all times. This will be a great experience for you. Get ready to change your life! Learn about what to expect during your stay.

After Your Visit

Now that you have completed your initial residential treatment program at The Ridge the real work begins. You should have been offered the opportunity to develop an aftercare plan with your counselor prior to your discharge. Please follow this plan – those who do have the best chance at long-term sobriety and a permanent life change. Learn about aftercare and staying sober.

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