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Relapse Prevention Techniques

Relapse Prevention Techniques

Relapse Prevention Techniques

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Completing a residential program is a monumental achievement, but the physicians and staff members at The Ridge understand that this is just the beginning of your recovery process. It is important to understand relapse prevention techniques to make sure the progress you’ve made lasts. While a patient undergoes addiction aftercare, it can sometimes be difficult to deal with cravings and avoid dangerous triggers than can cause relapse.

Strategies for Addiction Aftercare

Daily Strength and Confidence

In AA and NA, you’ll learn the mantra “one day at a time”, and truly, this is something you should always keep in mind when developing relapse prevention strategies. Ongoing sobriety is a day-to-day challenge that you can overcome with patience and clear expectations. Take on challenges as they come, and recognize that feeling overwhelmed will only negatively steer you toward potential relapse. Be confident in yourself and understand that you had the power to get through residential treatment, and you have the power to keep going through addiction aftercare.

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Keep Up Good Habits كيف يمكن ربح المال بسرعة في جنوب أفريقيا Good habits
After you’ve built the self-confidence to work toward long-term recovery, you need to maintain the positive behaviors you embodied during treatment. Some of the most important ongoing relapse prevention strategies are to: eat well, sleep regularly, talk through your emotions,  attend weekly meetings in an accredited outpatient program, and frequent AA or NA meetings for social support. Don’t hold anything in; while it may feel like you’re the only one struggling through addiction recovery, know that there are many other people who understand your feelings and are there to help and support you through rehab aftercare.

Recognize When You’re in Danger

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If it’s too difficult to maintain these positive behaviors, or if you feel yourself slipping into negativity or self-destructive actions, don’t panic. These are natural feelings, but you don’t have to surrender to them.

الخيارات الثنائية المتداول العربي Distract yourself by exercising, call a friend or a sponsor to discuss your feelings, or attend an AA or NA meeting for support with relapse prevention. Knowing when you’re at risk and taking steps to minimize that risk is a key part of recovery.