The Ridge recognizes that treatment professionals such as physicians, social workers, counselors, and EAPs need a reliable provider of substance use disorder treatment.

Referring Patients to The Ridge

When you refer a client to us, we collaborate with you to ensure they receive the best treatment possible based on their needs and your recommendation.

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Why The Ridge?

We know you want your patient to receive the best care possible. When you trust us with someone you care about, here’s what we promise to you:

    • Our first priority is your client’s wellbeing. The Ridge provides exceptional evidence-based clinical care in partnership with you as the referring professional.
    • We value and emphasize continuity of care. We will collaborate with you from the very first call to planning for long-term recovery care.
    • Our skilled intake specialists provide a concierge admission experience to ensure your client and their loved ones feel confident in choosing The Ridge for treatment.

Excellent Referral & Patient Onboarding Experience

The Ridge recognizes the strain placed on referring professionals, such as physicians, counselors, social workers, and licensing boards. From communicating with insurance companies to finding appropriate treatment for patients with an addiction disorder, referring professionals look to our team to assist with the entire assessment and admission planning process. During this process, our intake specialists manage all logistics, including:

  • Communicating with patients and families.
  • Providing consultative visits and tours as needed.
  • Coordinating the logistics necessary for admittance into our program.
  • Communicating with insurance companies to verify benefits and coverage.
  • Completing patient assessments and coordinating logistics for transfer to our facility.

Referring Patients to The Ridge

Discharge Planning

Recovery requires long-term work, which is why treatment does not end when a patient leaves The Ridge. Planning for discharge starts immediately and is an ongoing, open dialogue between the patient, our clinical team, and you, the referring professional. Our goal is to ensure patients leave our facility with all the support tools needed for success in recovery.

Discharge planning at The Ridge includes, but is not limited to:

  • Weekly sessions with a Discharge Planner to review an individual treatment plan and goals.
  • Coordinating with referring professionals on treatment planning when leaving the residential program.
  • Discussion of The Ridge’s intensive 52-week aftercare program for relapse prevention and support.
  • Introducing “wrap-around services” such as primary care and sober living options.
  • Identifying local chapter meetings for support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, NA, SMART Recovery, and Celebrate Recovery.
  • Referrals to additional services such as marriage counseling, mental health treatment, and recovery coaching.

How It Works

During the discharge planning process, our intake specialists manage all logistics for discharge planners, social workers and/or healthcare professionals. Our specialists will:

  • Receive benefit verification
  • Complete patient assessments
  • Begin the pre-certification process to receive treatment authorization
  • Handle all communication with insurance companies
  • Handle all transfer and admissions processes

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