Addiction is Often Misunderstood – Get Answers to Common Questions

We list some of the most frequently asked questions about our programming below. If you have questions about treatment, costs, or concerns about beginning the recovery process, please call us at (513) 457-7963.

Why Should I Consider the Ridge?

The Ridge is an inpatient residential treatment center designed to treat each person holistically through a wide variety of clinical programming and experiences. We treat the whole person, not just the addiction. Our program not only addresses the underlying behaviors, trauma, or activities that led to addiction but teaches new life skills and strategies designed to make a rewarding, long-term, sober lifestyle possible.

With an industry-leading 4:1 clinical staff to patient ratio, you can be assured that you or your loved one, and your family will receive the education, therapy, and treatment needed to start the next chapter of your new life.

  • The Ridge has been helping clients and families recover from addiction for more than 10 years.
  • The Ridge accepts most commercial insurance.
  • The Ridge is Joint Commission Accredited, which is given to the top 15 percent of treatment centers in the United States.
  • The Ridge has an industry-leading 4:1 staff to patient ratio.
  • The Ridge offers premium accommodations designed to provide comfort to patients seeking recovery.
  • The Ridge has two board-certified addictionologists on staff.
  • The Ridge offers one of the only programs in the United States to significantly incorporate the family into the recovery process through addiction education and therapy.
  • The Ridge offers a 12-month aftercare program designed to help clients maintain a sober lifestyle.
  • The Ridge offers specialized treatment designed for healthcare professionals, lawyers, business executives, and other professionals.
  • Clinicians at The Ridge are able to treat co-occurring mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.
  • The Ridge has an active alumni program designed to promote long-term sobriety.

What About Confidentiality?

The Ridge strictly complies with all HIPPA regulations regarding patient privacy.  We require that all patients keep other clients’ identities and information shared confidential.

What is the Process to Get In?

Using a pre-admission assessment we determine if a patient is medically appropriate for our program. If we determine that a patient can be treated by our services, we verify insurance and agree on financial terms. If our doctors request additional medical information, we will obtain that prior to admission. Our intake manager then schedules the admission date and time.

Learn more about our admissions process here.

How Can I Send Mail/Packages to A Resident?

Client Mailing Address

(Please put C/O [client name] for client packages. No food or drink, please.)

25 Whitney Drive
Suite 120
Milford, Ohio 45150

PLEASE DO NOT SEND FOOD OR BEVERAGES/AS WELL AS ANYTHING HOMEMADE. Any other items must be in their original, sealed package and all items will be searched by staff to be sure they are safe and clinically appropriate for the clients. If any item is received that is not permitted, you will be contacted and the item returned if possible.

What is the cost and do you accept insurance?

See the Investment section of our website here.

Where is The Ridge Located?

The Ridge’s administrative and intake offices are located approximately 25 miles northeast of Cincinnati at 25 Whitney Drive, Suite 120, Milford, Ohio 45150.  Our treatment facilities are nestled on 51 acres in the heart of Batavia, Ohio.

How Can I Stay In Touch with Family?

Family involvement is encouraged at The Ridge as we consider this a key element of long-term recovery. We have up to eight family groups per month that are conducted at our Milford, OH administrative office. We educate families and make them aware of how they can help in the process. For those out of town, we typically have pre-scheduled family segments and can refer visiting family to nearby hotels for their stay. Clients are allowed outbound calls each day during predetermined times. These times will become known to family members during the beginning of the treatment process.

The Ridge’s family program is one aspect that sets us apart from other centers.

  • Family education every Tuesday from 4-7 and Saturday from 9-12
  • Weekly family support groups
  • Family involvement in Alumni program
  • Daily outbound calling is available
  • Letters and care packages (No food please)
  • Children are welcome, but on our family night, we have a guest speaker who talks frankly about addiction and recovery. Please inquire as to the topic ahead of time. Parental discretion may be advised.

Is The Ridge Accredited?

  • The Ridge’s programs are accredited and monitored by the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services (OhioMHAS).
  • The Ridge is Joint Commission Accredited – given to the top 15 percent of performing substance use disorder treatment centers in the United States.
  • Accredited by the Ohio State Medical Board and Ohio Physicians Health Program (OHPH).
  • Accredited by the Ohio Dental Board to treat dentists.
  • The Ridge is a resource for the Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program (OLAP), Pharmacists Rehabilitation Organization (PRO) and other Ohio agencies.
  • The Ridge is approved by many other assistance programs across the country.

What Should I Bring with Me?

The Ridge’s substance use disorder treatment programs are focused and to be effective require adherence to set guidelines. We want to create a “home away from home” while eliminating as many distractions as possible so our clients can focus on recovery.

To learn more about what you can or cannot bring with you to treatment please click here.

Can you Help my Loved One Get Treatment?

Yes – getting a patient to surrender and accept treatment is often a very difficult step in recovery, and we partner with professional interventionists who can help. Learn more about our intervention process here.

Call (513) 457-7963 now to learn more about our treatment programs!