The Ridge Addiction Treatment Center, located in Ohio, is a distinguished facility offering premier substance abuse treatment within a luxurious setting. Our center is situated on a private 51-acre estate, incorporating two meticulously renovated mansions that provide an intimate and supportive environment for recovery. With a capacity limited to 27 residents, we ensure personalized care and treatment plans, distinguishing us in the Midwest for our commitment to quality and comfort.


Proudly accredited by the Joint Commission with its Gold Seal of Approval, The Ridge sets the standard for clinical excellence in addiction treatment. Our patient-centric model, boasting a clinical staff-to-patient ratio of 4:1, guarantees individualized attention and comprehensive support throughout the recovery process.

We are proud to serve the Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky areas and invite residents to explore the possibility of a transformed life free from substance dependency by verifying their insurance and contacting our admissions team. Join us at The Ridge, where excellence in clinical care meets the comfort of luxury, for a journey toward lasting sobriety.

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