An addiction assessment is an essential first step for drug and alcohol treatment.

What Level of Treatment Do You Need?

When you or your loved one decides to take the important step toward seeking treatment, the next step in the recovery process is determining the appropriate level of care via a professional addiction assessment. Since The Ridge offers different alcohol and substance use disorder programs, it’s important to understand the best path to long-term recovery.

Assessing the Situation

The completion of a professional addiction assessment is the first step towards recovery. All information disclosed and recommendations given during assessment at The Ridge are one hundred percent private and confidential.

While our approach to drug and alcohol treatment is similar across recovery programs, different people require different levels of care. An addiction assessment allows our expert staff the time to speak directly to you to determine the most appropriate level of care to address your addiction. When they learn who you are and what you need, they can determine the type of care best suited to your personal needs, goals, and life circumstances.

Determining the Level of Care

During an assessment, medical professionals learn not only what you need help with, but also who you are. They learn how and why drug and alcohol addiction developed, and how it impacts your life. They learn about any conditions in your life that contribute to drug and alcohol use, such as mental illness, health problems, family involvement, job issues, or spiritual and cultural factors. At its root, drug and alcohol use disorders are a disease, but there are multiple potential complements to the disease that must be recognized and considered during an addiction assessment. Our team can only determine the appropriate level of care when they have all the information relevant to you and your life.

Addiction Assessment at The Ridge

Specialized Assessments & Evaluations

Court Ordered Evaluation/Education

As part of a sentence or deferment for a DUI or drug-related charge, you may be required to receive a professional evaluation for alcohol or substance abuse. If you plan to participate in residential treatment The Ridge, our assessment process meets the requirements defined by the State of Ohio for alcohol/substance abuse.

Evaluations for Impaired Professionals

Doctors, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, nurses, and other medical professionals who are reported for suspected impairment due to alcohol or substance use are often required to receive a professional 72-hour evaluation to determine whether an alcohol or substance use disorder diagnosis exists and treatment may be an option in lieu of disciplinary action. We’re one of a select few providers recognized by the Ohio Physicians Health Program to administer this evaluation. Learn more about our 72-hour comprehensive addiction assessment here.

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