Alcohol and drug addiction can prevent you from being the person you want to be. Alcohol and substance abuse treatment can change that, and help you create a life based on the things you value most.

Conditions and Disorders Commonly Treated In Substance Abuse Primary Behavioral Health Facilities

At The Ridge, we know addiction is a chronic medical condition that responds best to an integrated and holistic treatment model that includes counseling, therapy, family involvement, lifestyle changes, community support, and in some cases, medication.

At The Ridge, we avoid the old words like alcoholic, drunk, or addict. Those words carry stigma and imply judgment – and it matters how we talk about addiction and people who are diagnosed with an alcohol or substance use disorder.

Through the most effective, evidence-based therapies, we treat:

When we change the way we talk about addiction, we begin with you.

You’re a person with a treatable medical condition.

The rest of the world may still use the old words for you: a drunk, a junkie, or a stoner.

We encourage you to banish those words from your vocabulary, and try these instead:

I’m a person with an alcohol use disorder.
I’m a person with a substance use disorder.

Why Is Treatment Necessary?

When you receive a diagnosis for a chronic, relapsing medical condition or disorder, you don’t think of yourself as that condition or disorder. You don’t walk out of the office thinking you’re a cancer or an arthritis or a hypertension. You’re still a person. The same person. You’re a mother, a father, a sister, or brother. Your clinical diagnosis does not define who you are as a human being.

Empathy in Substance Abuse Treatment

Empathy, Compassion, and Understanding

We understand that the stigma around addiction and addiction treatment may prevent you from seeking treatment and support for an alcohol or substance use disorder. For decades, social norms taught us that people with addiction problems lacked willpower, had a character flaw, lacked morals, or simply made poor decisions. That stigma extended to treatment, too: our social norms turned the act of seeking treatment into a sign of weakness.

At The Ridge, we see your desire to seek treatment as a sign of strength. We see the decision to enter treatment as a sign of wisdom. We see the commitment to do the work of recovery as a sign of courage. That means we see you as strong, wise, and brave – but above all, we see you as a person asking for help.

We believe that with the right combination of treatment and support, a life without alcohol and drugs is within your reach – and we want you to believe that, too.

The Ridge: Recovery for Life

It’s time for change.
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