Addiction Intervention Strategies: Alcohol and/or Drug Addiction

A person in active addiction is often reluctant or unable to recognize they need help, even when the behaviors associated with their addiction create serious problems with their family, work, and social lives.

This can create a serious challenge for family members, friends, and loved ones, who often have no idea how to get them the treatment and support they need. It can be frustrating. It can feel hopeless and heartbreaking at times.

Drug & alcohol intervention

However, The Ridge can help friends and families of loved ones by connecting families with trusted intervention specialists who can stage a professional intervention designed to get them to agree to participate in an addiction treatment program. Reach out to our team today to learn how to schedule a drug or alcohol intervention near Cincinnati.

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Addiction Treatment: The Sooner The Better

Addiction often leads to behavior that causes legal troubles, accidents, violence, risky or inappropriate sexual behavior, financial difficulties, personal injuries, or worse. The earlier a person gets treatment for their alcohol or substance use disorder, the better. Studies show early intervention increases the likelihood of achieving long-term recovery.

We encourage family, loved ones, and friends of people with alcohol or drug problems to understand that addiction is a disease and people with addiction need professional medical support and treatment just like people diagnosed with any other chronic medical condition. Like cancer, diabetes, or hypertension, early treatment with the latest medical and clinical techniques is essential.

Early intervention saves time, emotional and psychological pain, and money. Timely, evidence-based treatment gives a person with an alcohol or substance use disorder the best chance at achieving sustainable, lifelong recovery.

What to Expect During an Intervention

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Once you reach out to The Ridge about scheduling an intervention for your loved one, we’ll connect you with an addiction intervention specialist in Cincinnati who will advise you on every detail of the process. You’ll also likely enlist the help of others your loved one trusts and cares for. 

It’s important to plan out the details of an intervention ahead of time to eliminate distractions or surprises. Rehearsing the day with all participants can be a great way to ensure the day goes smoothly. The event should take place in a private, familiar environment such as someone’s home or yard. Having an expert to support you throughout this process is incredibly helpful as they know what to expect and will accompany you through every step.

On the day of the intervention it’s important to keep an open mind and limit your expectations on the outcome. Once everyone is gathered, encourage guests to read personal statements on the way your loved one’s substance use is impacting their relationship. Avoid blaming anyone or feeling self-pity as the focus should be on encouraging your loved one to seek addiction treatment. 

What Comes Next?

If your intervention is successful and your loved one agrees to attend treatment, the next step is to figure out the level of care that will best benefit them. The Ridge Ohio offers multiple personalized programs to meet the needs of our clients. Our team of medical professionals and mental health experts will work with you and your loved one to find the best fit for their unique situation, so they can enter treatment as soon as possible. Our levels of care include:

  • Medical Detox: Often the first stop for recovering clients, our detox program provides 24/7 care to manage withdrawal symptoms of clients as they eliminate drugs or alcohol from their systems. 
  • Inpatient: Our residential program gives clients a break from environments that may be triggering or encourage substance use, while undergoing evidence-based treatments that promote lifelong recovery. 
  • Outpatient:  A flexible option that allows clients to reside at home while receiving life-changing treatment that fits into their schedule. 

Our team is here to support you as you bravely encourage your loved one to seek professional help. Contact us to learn more about our addiction intervention services in Ohio and discover which program is right for your loved one. 

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Our rehab facility in Cincinnati, Ohio is here to support you and your loved one through this difficult time. We’ve helped hundreds of clients stop using drugs and alcohol and reclaim their lives. Treatment programs at The Ridge are tailored to the individual needs of each unique person who walks through our doors and our team is dedicated to ensuring clients feel heard, seen, and supported.

We’re waiting to hear from you. Contact our team when you’re ready to hear more about our Cincinnati addiction intervention support services. 

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