Addiction Intervention Strategies: Alcohol and/or Drug Addiction

A person in active addiction is often reluctant or unable to recognize they need help, even when the behaviors associated with their addiction create serious problems with their family, work, and social lives.

This can create a serious challenge for family members, friends, and loved ones, who often have no idea how to get them the treatment and support they need. It can be frustrating. It can feel hopeless and heartbreaking at times.

However, The Ridge can help friends and families of loved ones by connecting families with trusted intervention specialists who can stage a professional intervention designed to get them to agree to participate in an addiction treatment program.

Addiction Intervention

Addiction Treatment: The Sooner The Better

Addiction often leads to behavior that causes legal troubles, accidents, violence, risky or inappropriate sexual behavior, financial difficulties, personal injuries, or worse. The earlier a person gets treatment for their alcohol or substance use disorder, the better. Studies show early intervention increases the likelihood of achieving long-term recovery.

We encourage family, loved ones, and friends of people with alcohol or drug problems to understand that addiction is a disease and people with addiction need professional medical support and treatment just like people diagnosed with any other chronic medical condition. Like cancer, diabetes, or hypertension, early treatment with the latest medical and clinical techniques is essential.

Early intervention saves time, emotional and psychological pain, and money. Timely, evidence-based treatment gives a person with an alcohol or substance use disorder the best chance at achieving sustainable, lifelong recovery.

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