Investing In Your Long-Term Sobriety Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly

Achieving long-term addiction recovery should not be considered a cost, but rather an investment. Some other organizations often offer a one-size-fits-all solution embedded in a highly-populated facility that feels more like an institution than a recovery center. The problem is relapse rates are high at these facilities and patients are often not ready for the challenges of sober living.

The Ridge provides world-class substance use disorder treatment programs that have led to the successful recovery of thousands of patients. The Ridge has comprehensive medical and clinical treatment staff as well as physical, recreational, and spiritual activities designed to give you the best chance for recovery.  Upon completion of our residential substance use disorder treatment program and involvement in our 52-week aftercare program, more than 80 percent of patients maintain sobriety after a year of treatment.

Invest in Long-Term Sobriety at The Ridge

Why Choose The Ridge?

  • The Ridge offers intensive clinical treatment on a comfortable and private 51-acre estate located close to home.
  • Evidence-based programming led by two board-certified addictionologists.
  • The Ridge offers a residential substance use disorder program followed by a 52-week aftercare program – an offering unmatched in other treatment facilities.
  • Extensive family programming to help both the client and family members heal from the strains of addiction.
  • A close-knit alumni support system.
  • The Ridge Professionals Program is approved for many state-sponsored physician health programs, lawyer assistance programs, and professional boards.
  • Nutritious meals prepared by our onsite chef are designed to assist in your recovery.
  • Assessments performed by a comprehensive team including two addictionologists, an internist, a psychiatrist, and licensed counselors.
  • Joint Commission Accredited and OMHAS certified.

If you are uninsured and prefer a self-pay option, call us for our private pay rate which varies depending on the program and length of stay.

Ohio Residential Treatment Costs

The Ridge is a fully licensed, Joint Commission Accredited residential treatment facility. Our highly qualified and experienced team of physicians, counselors, psychiatrists, nurses, and support staff offer the best care possible for those wanting to get clean from drug and alcohol addiction. Financially, our program is very competitive for the treatment and amenities we offer as the premium non-hospital solution in the tri-state.

Our Ridge staff has seen first-hand the invaluable return on a patient’s life that rehabilitation provides. When you consider the result of sobriety and all that it entails, paying for drug rehab is a necessary expenditure. Your loved one’s health is well worth the investment.

Commercial Health Insurance Accepted

The Ridge Ohio’s residential program accepts most employer-based group commercial insurance plans. Once you submit your insurance details,  we will verify your benefits and explain your coverage. Unfortunately, we cannot accept Medicaid, Medicare, Caresource, Paramount, Buckeye, or state-funded insurance.

We accept insurance plans from most major carriers out of network. We offer a self-pay option for those without insurance coverage.

Please contact The Ridge to check your benefits eligibility at no cost.

What Less Expensive Facilities Offer

  • Dozens of beds with a high patient to staff ratio.
  • No post discharge care or aftercare programs.
  • Limited family visitation during your stay.
  • No family addiction education or group therapy.
  • Cafeteria style meal service with a rigid menu; few options for vegan, gluten-free, or diabetic diet needs.
  • Few offsite physical, spiritual, or recreational activities.
  • Group therapy only and limited one on ones.
  • Referrals required for doctor/psychiatrist visits
  • No doctors except during detox.
  • No additional options or amenities available for those who can self-pay.
  • A one size fits all program.

Addiction Rehab Program Investment

When individuals and families consider enrolling in an addiction rehab program, one factor to be looked at is cost. Paying for drug rehab is, unfortunately, a major barrier to many who need treatment. However, considering the cost of continuing in addiction, paying for rehab is small in comparison. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), drug and alcohol abuse is costly to our nation, exacting more than $520 billion annually in costs related to crime, lost work productivity, and health care.

On an individual or family basis, the cost of remaining in drug and alcohol addiction is still staggering, when you add in expenses associated with substances and paraphernalia, loss of productivity, job loss, deteriorating health, and emotional and social impacts.

Addiction is a serious disease, and living with it is not only financially costly, but it also jeopardizes careers, health, and relationships. Taking on the challenge of recovery and paying for drug rehab is simply a smarter investment in the long run.

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