Our comprehensive 72-hour assessment for alcohol use disorder (AUD), substance use disorder (SUD), and co-occurring disorders is an approved treatment provider for state Physicians Health Programs and other professional monitoring agencies across the United States.

72-hour addiction assessment

72-Hour Assessment: Alcohol, Drugs, and Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders

The Ridge is one of the few addiction treatment programs recognized as an official 72-hour assessment provider by organizations that grant licensure and certification for medical professionals and other licensing boards in Ohio. Our assessment program is recognized by:

The 72-hour assessment helps medical professionals, lawyers, pilots, executives, and others meet the requirements established by their respective monitoring agencies.

Assessments evaluate:

  • Alcohol use disorder (AUD)
  • Substance use disorder (SUD)
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders
  • The need for detox services
  • The appropriate level of care, if needed

Our 72-hour assessment program can function as an official component of Ohio’s One Bite Rule procedures. We’re committed to helping professionals maintain licensure while taking responsible measures to address their addiction and/or mental health issues.

What is the One-Bite Rule?

Most states have laws that require medical practitioners and professionals to report colleagues they suspect of impairment to their state medical board. This is called mandatory reporting.

As an exception to mandatory reporting, several states, including Ohio, offer a one-time exception. When a practitioner, such as a dentist, medical doctor, nurse, veterinarian, or other licensed professional, is found to have an alcohol or substance use issue, regulations require entry into a treatment contract facilitated by the various agencies that grant licensure.

If a physician completes the terms of the treatment contract, their associates and colleagues are excused from the mandatory reporting duty regarding alcohol or substance misuse: this is the essence of the One-Bite Rule.

Under this rule, a physician may take steps to address their addiction issues and prevent board intervention or sanction. Recognized steps – i.e. the One Bite requirements – include completion of a residential treatment program with a board-approved treatment provider such as The Ridge.

Additional requirements include 104 sessions of approved aftercare. If the physician completes these achievable, yet rigorous requirements, they can maintain their licensure.

The Ridge Collaborates With Professional Organizations to Protect Your License

Physicians Health Programs (PHPs) in every state facilitate the monitoring, documentation of continued sobriety, and program participation to support a physician’s return to medical practice. We collaborate the Ohio and other state PHPs to ensure that you can return to practice in a safe and responsible manner.

In summary, The Ridge 72 Hour Assessment provides the following:

  • An alcohol/substance use evaluation
  • Alcohol/substance use treatment
  • Ongoing aftercare

These components of our program meet the rigorous and fair requirements designated by state PHPs. As a recognized provider, we have a working relationship with the Ohio PHP and other professional monitoring agencies. We’re also fierce advocates for all our patients – including medical professionals – and are committed to helping everyone who enters treatment.