Intensive Clinical Care for Substance Use Disorder in a Luxury Setting

The Ridge Addiction Treatment Center, nestled in the heart of Ohio, is renowned for delivering a compassionate and well-connected community of professionals committed to championing excellence in overcoming substance use disorders. We dedicate ourselves to change lives by celebrating individual strengths, cultivating clinical expertise, and cherishing familial support. This approach, ingrained in our 5 C’s philosophy, empowers our clients to regain control over their lives and build a promising future.

At The Ridge, Experience Luxury Combined with High-Quality Clinical Care

Our residential addiction treatment services nestle within two tastefully renovated mansions on our private 51-acre estate, just north of Cincinnati. The Stuckert House and Ridge for Life House are designed not just as cutting-edge treatment centers, but as homely abodes with top-tier amenities, ensuring your journey to sobriety is as comfortable as possible.

With a limited capacity of 27 beds, we maintain an unparalleled level of clinical and personal care, offering bespoke treatment plans in the Midwest region.

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Our Commitment to Superior Clinical Programming

The Ridge takes pride in its Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, an accolade earned due to our unwavering commitment to industry-leading clinical programming. This recognition aligns us with the most respected treatment centers nationwide.

Recognized Excellence and Superior Clinical Programming

Our commitment to superior clinical programming has earned us the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval. This accreditation is only offered to treatment centers that meet top industry standards, regarded as the most rigorous in the industry. We take pride in being recognized as among the most respected treatment centers in the nation.

Our Team – Ensuring Individual Attention and Support

The Ridge maintains a high clinical staff-to-patient ratio (4:1), ensuring you receive personalized attention, therapy, and support required for recovery. Led by Dr. Jeff Stuckert, a board-certified emergency physician who has personally navigated the journey to sobriety, our team comprises licensed physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, instructors, and dietary experts. This team is dedicated to utilizing evidence-based practices to treat alcohol and substance use disorders.

Meet Our Dedicated Clinical Team

Patient Satisfaction – Our Greatest Compliment

Our biggest accomplishment lies in the success stories of our patients who have conquered substance use disorders. We proudly share their testimonials as a testament to our commitment.

“The Ridge Ohio was absolutely wonderful and I already miss my bed, the food and the fellowship of the other clients… I can’t wait to see them again on alumni day. There is no place like this place, I guarantee that!”

Patients Satisfaction

Tailored Programs for Professionals

At The Ridge Ohio, we offer specialized substance use disorder treatment programs for professionals such as doctors and lawyers, working with Lawyers Assistance Programs and Physician Health Programs to provide the needed support. This unique, world-class program reflects our understanding of the specific pressures and challenges professionals face and our commitment to providing them with the necessary tools for recovery.

Comprehensive Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment Resources

At The Ridge, we employ a multifaceted approach to addiction treatment. Apart from addressing the addiction, we delve deeper to uncover underlying behaviors or experiences that led to the development of the substance use disorder. Our suite of treatment resources includes addiction education, family therapy, outdoor recreation, and mental health treatment.

Our robust recovery program incorporates activities like yoga, meditation, art and music therapy, and acupuncture, providing a balanced, holistic approach to recovery.

We Offer The Following Substance Use Disorder Programs:

Family Involvement – A Pillar of Successful Recovery

At The Ridge, we acknowledge the integral role of family members in the recovery journey. Our approach involves weekly family education programs, lectures, and therapy sessions, preparing both the family and the patient for a lifetime of sobriety.

Your Recovery, Our Commitment

The Ridge is committed to seeing you through the recovery journey, making your stay with us the last formal stop to addiction recovery. Even before your discharge, we collaborate with you to identify the most effective strategies for ongoing abstinence, ensuring a lifetime of sobriety.

With an impressive recovery rate, our aftercare plan provides 52 weeks of professional support. This comprehensive approach has led to nearly an 80% success rate for patients who complete our program.

Our alumni program also provides a supportive community to maintain your newfound sober lifestyle. The Ridge Ohio—where recovery meets excellence.

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