A Physician vs. Non-Physician Designed Drug Rehabilitation Center

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When the time comes to choose the best possible drug rehabilitation center for yourself or an addicted loved one, many overlook some important criteria: namely, the credentials of the program’s caregivers and staff. While some facilities employ people with “Dr.” in front of their names, their degrees are not always in medicine. While they may know how to effectively communicate with and counsel addicts, they lack the knowledge of the medical facts about addiction that physicians have.

Physician-managed care offers a level of effectiveness that can’t be matched in a different kind of substance abuse treatment program. Board-certified Addictionologists, like The Ridge’s physicians, Dr. Whitsett, are specially trained in the physical and mental effects of addiction. They understand the most successful methods of putting an addict’s body and mind back on the path of healing. Care starts with assessing the proper level of care a client requires, their need for appropriately safe detoxification, and delivering extensive 12-step treatment, continuing all the way through aftercare.

Drug treatment centers without medically-trained physicians and nurses may work for some, but without the level of expertise, a medical doctor brings, the care could be of lesser quality. That’s why, when considering treatment options, it’s essential to know exactly what kind of qualifications potential caregivers have. When trusting others with something as essential as addiction treatment, it’s wise to choose the most senior, capable professionals.

The Ridge’s drug rehabilitation center is physician-designed and led by a senior staff of nurses and highly qualified addiction counselors. Contact us now for more information.