Addiction Treatment Centers Near Cincinnati

Addiction Treatment Centers in Cincinnati Ohio

Led by Dr. Marc Whitsett M.D., The Ridge offers detox, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient treatment programs focused on individualized, whole-person treatment and long-term recovery support. We have several locations that make up our group of addiction treatment centers.

Detox Center

The need for detox is determined by a pre-admission assessment. Not all clients require this step. The Ridge program offers medical-assisted detox in a comfortable, home-like setting. This tranquil environment is the ideal place to begin the recovery journey.

Residential Treatment Center

Our residential treatment rehab location is 25 miles northeast of downtown Cincinnati. The facility is located on a 51- acre private estate. Think of it as having an upscale bed and breakfast feel, but with all the modern upgrades and amenities that enable us to offer safe, structured, medically monitored, evidence-based treatment for alcohol abuse and/or drug addiction.

Outpatient and Aftercare Programs

Our outpatient and aftercare programs take place in our administrative center, which is a half-hour drive from downtown Cincinnati. Outpatient therapy sessions are flexible, and schedules vary with the individual. Our unique 52-week aftercare program is part of The Ridge addiction and recovery center.

The Ridge: Recovery for Life

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