As a result of Medicaid and Medicare currently paying beneath the necessary costs to provide premium
residential services and treatment programs, we are not able to contract or accept these methods of payment.

Acupuncture and Addiction Recovery

The Ridge program offers acupuncture services to our residential clients as part of our recovery program. Acupuncture has become increasingly popular as a method for aiding in the treatment of addiction; the treatments can subdue cravings and create a sense of calming and relief from withdrawal. This is because acupuncture releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers, thus increasing endorphin levels in the nervous system. A certified acupuncturist performs group sessions weekly. These sessions, in conjunction with the other services The Ridge offers, including counseling, meditation, and yoga benefit the recovery process for our clients.

Advanced Therapies at the Ridge

The Ridge program includes a variety of therapies that assist in recovery for life. Yoga strengthens the body and is a good alternative to other high impact exercises. Music and art therapy allow for individual expression. Art and music therapies also have calming effects on the community. Services like acupuncture, meditation, regular exercise, and nutritious, hearty food have proven positive effects for long term recovery.

With a compassionate staff and clear, understandable treatment methods and goals, drug treatment is nothing to be afraid of, but instead an invaluable asset for an addicted person to get healthy again.

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