Top 7 Myths About Drug and Alcohol Addiction – Part 2 Dublin, Ohio

myths-about-drug-and-alcohol-addictionWhen it comes to addiction, there are many generalizations that are misconstrued as truths. Here are a few more common myths about the nature of recovery as well as drug and alcohol abuse rehab.  Click here for Part 1.

5. Addicts have to hit rock bottom before treating them.

We’ve all heard the term “rock bottom.” It means the lowest an addict can sink in their life before they have no choice but to admit their problem and seek help. To an addict’s friends and family, it’s a convenient thing to believe. Confronting an addict and trying to get them into treatment is stressful and difficult thing. To rationalize not having to do this, they may think “they won’t get serious about treatment unless they choose it themselves. If we make them get treatment, they’ll just be resentful.” Still others think “this person’s addiction has really hurt me. I need to wait until it hurts them a lot, too, so they know just how unacceptable addiction is.”

These ways of thinking are selfish and harmful to an addicted loved one. Even if an addict knows that their addiction is a terrible disease they have to get rid of, they are unlikely to seek treatment. Why? Addiction itself means that a person is compelled to seek drugs or alcohol at the expense of everything else in their life. They no longer have control of their life, instead living entirely in service of their addiction. Seeking treatment requires a truly exceptional amount of willpower in this state, so much so that if it happens it should be considered miraculous. Interventions can work—the interventionists The Ridge partners with get their clients into treatment in 95% of their interventions.

Waiting for rock bottom to “teach the addict a lesson” doesn’t work either. They know how destructive their addiction is. What point is there in waiting for your loved one to destroy their life when you could get them help earlier? There’s always the grim truth that they might not have a rock bottom—too many addicts end up dead before they reach it.

Waiting until an addict loses everything doesn’t make recovery any easier – Dublin, Ohio. They feel powerless in their situation and the only solution is immediate treatment. Contact us now to learn about how we can help.


6. Addicts need to be punished.

Addiction doesn’t just hurt an addict, it hurts the people who love them. It’s painful to see a loved one fall to addiction. The person you loved starts changing, with everything they used to be falling away until the only thing left is a person who will do whatever it takes to consume more self-destructive drugs or alcohol. And an addict will do anything, including lie to and steal from people who love and trust them. A breach of trust like this can feel like a brutal, devastating betrayal. With all the pain an addicted loved one can cause, it’s easy to understand why some would want them to be punished for what they did.

As attractive as this is to think, it’s ultimately harmful and counter-intuitive. An addict has been punished enough by their disease. Most addicts are depressed and ashamed at their inability to control themselves. Punishment and shaming will only plunge them deeper into depression and self-hate. The best thing to do is to offer honesty and support to your addicted loved ones.

7. Treatment is a miserable, unpleasant experience.

Drug and alcohol abuse rehab isn’t exactly the most attractive prospect to most people. Many people expect rehabilitation to be like a hospital—cold, clinical, plain, with a subpar cafeteria and bedrooms like a college dorm. There once was a time this was the case, but addictionologists have since realized that the most cooperative patients are the ones who are comfortable, cared for, and actually having a good time. That’s why The Ridge is full of amenities to help our patients have the best recovery experience they can. We offer two on-staff chefs who prepare healthy meals daily, a gorgeous estate house, 51 beautiful acres, and plenty of recreational opportunities.  The Ridge’s family group is a key success factor as well. Beating addiction is hard work, and it takes a lot out of a person. It makes sense that their treatment center should offer as much comfort as possible to counteract that.


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