Learning to Live Differently While Overcoming Addiction – Bowling Green, KY

lifeafteraddictionBy definition, addiction takes over a person’s life. Everything they do is filtered through the lens of their addiction. Some high-functioning addicts learn how to work and even maintain relationships while still being consumed by their need for drugs and alcohol. After enough time in this state, they may become so used to functioning under the influence that they don’t remember how to do those same things sober. So, it’s understandable that addicts may be a little lost as they begin drug or alcohol recovery—they’re being forced to live life without the thing that had been its central focus for months or years!


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           With the driving force in their lives gone, addicts can become confused. The things they used to do while drunk or high can seem alien or unusually difficult, which may frustrate them into wishing they could use again for no other reason than to complete the task in the way they are used to. The best way to combat this is to avoid these old habits, if possible, and do something completely new, unassociated with the addict’s old habits: learn to play an instrument, start working out, travel, take a class, learn a hobby, meet someone new. Maybe some of these new endeavors won’t work out, but shaking up a recovering addict’s life will do great work keeping them from slipping back into old habits and keep them focused on overcoming addiction.

              Still, no one can spend every waking hour doing new things. It’s important for recovering addicts to find a way to enjoy and appreciate living their everyday lives sober. This can begin as early as enjoying a recreational activity at an inpatient drug or alcohol recovery program, and extend to things like joking with a family member, doing well at work, or spending time with a friend. It may not come easy, but learning to enjoy a simple moment without drugs or alcohol is a major step towards recovery from drugs or alcohol.


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