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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a goal-oriented therapy that helps patients in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. It is used during The Ridge program by addiction specialists to help patients understand that their own thoughts and actions are what put them in control of their addiction—not outside influences or circumstances.

CBT for Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Cognitive behavioral therapy is not a faith-based practice and instead relies upon the patient’s own cognitive ability to consciously overcome psychological motivations toward drug and alcohol abuse. We believe that everyone has the mental strength within themselves to overcome addiction and the compulsions that come with it.

CBT Treatment Model

The Ridge addiction specialists combine support programs with CBT and other modalities including art & music, psychiatric, and more in order to help patients understand and accept they have an addiction that they must overcome rationally, in a focused, deliberate manner. This type of cognitive behavioral therapy enables clients to objectively recognize patterns of drug and alcohol abuse and equips patients with the knowledge and power to avoid relapse during addiction aftercare.

During family or individual counseling, addiction specialists will discuss how to identify the thoughts and feelings that act as triggers for drug and alcohol abuse. You’ll delve into the reasons that make drug and alcohol use attractive, and will be able to consciously understand which situations make you most at risk for cravings. Often, people use drugs and alcohol to cope with a difficult life situation and CBT is useful for rewiring your coping mechanisms from destructive behavior into something positive and engaging.

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