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Canton, Ohio Residential Treatment Centers

Residential Drug Rehab in Canton Ohio

Drug and alcohol addiction has become a major problem in America today, and communities in Ohio are struggling just as much or even more than other areas of the country. In particular, the opioid addiction crisis has taken root in Canton and the surrounding areas, due in part to the increase in opioid prescriptions in circulation as well as the locations of drug routes from Mexico running through Ohio.

Today, our communities struggle with not only prescription painkiller abuse and addiction, but also with replacement drugs like heroin, fentanyl, and carfentanil, which are stronger, more addicting, and more potent. These drugs have caused an increase in overdose and overdose deaths in Ohio in the last few years.

Even though the addiction epidemic is disrupting homes and communities, there are solutions to the problem. Canton and the entire surrounding county are working to educate residents, help law enforcement and medical facilities, and provide easier access to treatment.

Barriers to Treatment in Canton, Ohio

The main barrier for finding treatment for a drug or alcohol abuse problem is admitting there is a problem and help is needed. Most who struggle with addiction are ashamed of their condition and would rather hide it than ask for help. Families, too, are often more likely to try to cover up a problem than admit it. When this denial happens, individuals and families suffer because addiction just continues to get worse and worse.

Finding help right away is the best way to undo an addiction problem. Help is available. Most individuals who are heavily addicted to drugs or alcohol need to enroll in a residential treatment program that offers the highest level of care. Those enrolled in residential treatment live at the facility for several weeks or a few months, where they are supervised around the clock and receive individualized care and programming. Residential treatment is able to offer many benefits such as a break away from the stress and pressures of everyday life, undivided attention to recovery, focus on healthy nutrition and exercise, positive interactions with peers, and intensive therapy and counseling.

The Ridge is an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab facility located just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Our team of experts includes physicians, addictionologists, nutritionists, therapists, and counselors. Our staff uses a variety of therapy methods to help individuals get to the heart of their addiction, and our high-end facility offers all the comforts of home and more. We believe in healing the whole individual and focus on healthy nutrition and exercise for the body; yoga, meditation, and spiritual growth for the spirit; and therapy and counseling for the mind. Our approach to healing allows us to serve a wide range of individuals with our programming, as we individualize each person’s treatment plan according to their needs.

Our treatment program equips individuals with real solutions to get clean and stay sober.

Canton Inpatient Drug Rehab Resources

Drug use in Canton and the surrounding area is a huge issue, and it is a problem that has been growing in the past several years. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise, and along with it, the experimentation and addiction to drugs like heroin and fentanyl are growing. All of these substances are addictive and dangerous and pose serious health concerns and risk for overdose death.

As rates of drug abuse continue to rise in many communities, it is important that we find ways to create awareness for the problem and offer solutions to those who find themselves struggling with addiction. Help is available, and it is affordable. The Ridge is here to offer real solutions to the opioid epidemic, through our medication-assisted detox program and our rehab and therapy services.

For families looking for drug rehab for a loved one, many rehab centers claim to offer the right kind of help. The truth is, each individual’s needs must be considered when choosing a treatment center. What works for one person may not work for the next. Treatment programs that tailor their services to reach the individual offer the most effective forms of rehab.

At The Ridge, we understand that each person is different, in their needs, goals, history, and interactions with others. That’s why we conduct a full assessment of each of our clients before they enroll in our program, so we can determine their needs and how a program can best serve their needs. If we find the individual needs a different level of care than what we offer, we will refer them to a program that will be right for them.

Drug Use in Canton 

According to Stark County’s Overdose Fatality Review, the CDC explored the increases in opioid and drug-related deaths in the United States and found that the national rate per 100,000 population increased from 12.3 in 2010 to 16.3 in 2015. In 2015, 52,404 individuals died across the U.S. from a drug overdose, of those 33,091 involved opiates. During this same timeframe, Ohio reported over 3,000 unintentional overdose deaths, 85% of which involved opiates. These statistics have Ohio ranked by the CDC as the third highest drug overdose death rate in the nation at 29.9 per 100,000 population. When looking at only unintentional overdoses this rate drops to 27.7.

Stark County, Ohio is not immune to this devastating epidemic. Seventy-five unintentional overdose deaths occurred in Stark County in 2015, at a rate of 19.9 per 100,000 population. In 2016, this number increased to 118 deaths, raising this rate to 31.4

Stark County officials are working to address the growing numbers of individuals addicted to prescription painkillers. OARRS (Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System) is a prescription drug monitoring system established in 2006 by the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy, to help reduce the amount of diversion and misuse of prescription drugs in Ohio. The OARRS system collects all controlled substances dispensed by Ohio pharmacies and licensed prescribers. As a result, there were 65 million less opioid doses dispensed to Ohio residents in 2016 then there were in 2015.

Stark County has 17 Drug Take Back Boxes located within its jurisdiction that serve as a beneficial resource to residents who have unwanted prescription medications that they want to safely dispose of. Residents can dispose of unwanted medications free of charge at any one of these locations 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For a list, visit the Stark County publication website.

Residential Addiction Treatment at The Ridge 

Stark County officials and residents are concerned about the opiate addiction problem its communities are facing. Several coalitions have been established to help promote education and prevention campaigns and provide resources to those in need of treatment:

Stark County Health Department

Project DAWN

Stark Heroin Epidemic Resources

The Ridge is a residential treatment center in Ohio that provides programming to individuals and families in the area who are struggling with addiction. Our treatment program equips individuals with real solutions to get clean and stay sober. We provide physician directed services that include detox, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, family therapy, relapse prevention, and long term care. Our facility offers the best amenities that will ensure a comfortable stay, including chef prepared meals, exercise facilities, and recreation on our beautiful 51-acres of land.

The Ridge works with all major insurance companies, and our services are covered as an out of network provider. We are Joint Commission accredited, which means we are held to the highest standards in the industry for service and safety.

Our programming does more than help individuals detox from their substance. We offer long term care and relapse prevention that helps those in recovery establish a healthy lifestyle that will last them long after rehab is finished. We help clients remain connected with the positive influences at our facility through our alumni program, and our staff is always available to help with relapse prevention when necessary.

We treat patients from all over Canton Ohio and the surrounding area. Since we are a residential treatment center we can pick up patients from anywhere in Ohio.

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