Fighting A Disease, Changing A Lifestyle – Canton, Ohio

changingalifestyleA drug rehabilitation center and its programs can beat back the disease of addiction, but that’s not the only step of a successful recovery. An addict’s life is often completely centered around their use of drugs or alcohol, so returning to a sober life can requires a drastic change in lifestyle.

Consider how an addict might feel when entering treatment. They likely have tried to keep their addiction a secret as long as possible. Being uneducated about drug addiction, they likely ascribe a negative stigma to it—that it is a weakness or a personal failing. This makes them feel guilty, and that guilt makes them unwilling to share their thoughts or feelings with the people close to them. So, in order to keep their disease a secret, they retreat into themselves and avoid communicating with others.


The Ridge encourages family participation during patient recovery and we aim to educate loved ones on the mindset of an addict. To learn more, contact us.


This can make the addict’s friends and family feel as though their loved one is abandoning them. When they learn of their addiction, they feel like the addict has betrayed them and thrown away their trust by not being honest about their problem. The addict will see this effect, and feel poorly about themselves for hurting their loved ones like this. They will feel like they failed them, and don’t deserve their forgiveness or support. Clients travel from Canton, Ohio to our facilities near Cincinnati.

With this kind of emotional baggage weighing on an addict’s mind, it will be extremely difficult for them to make the most important lifestyle change for someone in recovery: learning to trust, share, and communicate with total openness and honesty. An addict needs an accepting and supportive group of friends and family to help them through their difficult journey. But, since their trust is likely strained, the addict needs to show that they are committed to recovery by remaining open about their thoughts, feelings, hopes, and fears. This way, their loved ones will know they aren’t hiding anything from them, and can be trusted to stay on the path of sobriety.

A new lifestyle like this is dependent on others and hinges on a willingness to hold nothing back. This is an immense change for many addicts used to hiding what they are doing, thinking, and feeling. They may feel uncomfortable trying to be open, or that their inner thoughts aren’t worth listening to. Treatment providers at The Ridge drug rehabilitation center know all about this, and are trained and willing to work with addicts to give them the courage and commitment to make lifestyle change a real, achievable possibility.


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