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The Ridge Ohio Professionals Program

Addiction in Professionals

For adults juggling a myriad of professional and family responsibilities, setting aside time and energy for residential addiction treatment is often challenging. It may be necessary however to commit to a focused course of substance abuse treatment in order to get personal and professional lives back on track.

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Who Qualifies for the Professional Program?

The Ridge Ohio Professionals Program is open to many professions including:

Achieve Recovery For Life

The Ridge has been treating licensed professionals such as lawyers, doctors, pilots, nurses, dentists, executives and others since 2011. The Ridge Professionals Program is specifically designed to meet the high standards of clinical excellence recognized by professional boards and monitoring agencies.

Restore your life, connect with a supportive community, heal your family, and get back to doing what you love. This IS possible. Let us guide you to recovery for life.

Our Addiction Treatment Approach

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The foundation of Ridge Professionals Program is built upon the fact that addiction is a disease that can be successfully managed with treatment and education. The Ridge Professionals Program includes many modalities of treatment including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing (MI). We also incorporate holistic practices such as yoga, acupuncture, exercise and nutrition. Family visits and participation are valuable and are encouraged as part of recovery.

The Ridge also believes that addiction recovery is an ongoing process.  Following an initial residential stay of 4-6 weeks, The Ridge Professionals Program offers a full year of aftercare. We are also committed to providing long-term alumni programming to support our clients through all stages of recovery.

Pillars of the Professionals Program

For over 9 years, The Ridge has been treating professionals from all walks of life for their substance abuse and addiction disorders. Over time, The Ridge has identified (3) core pillars for which their Professionals Program was founded and designed around:

  1. Executive Interventions
  2. 72-Hour Addiction Assessments
  3. 52-Week Aftercare Program

Each one of these pillars are key components on the path to sobriety, and towards achieving recovery for life!


Women and men who find themselves in high-level positions within companies face many unique pressures and expectations. One in ten people suffers from addiction. Key employees are no different. Those same strong and independent personalities that contribute to success make it hard to ask for help. An executive intervention can help.

Addiction Assessments:

You've taken the important step toward seeking drug or alcohol treatment, the next critical step in the recovery process is determining the appropriate level of care via a professional addiction assessment. This is the first intake procedure in drug and alcohol therapy, and it is important because it determines what treatment level of care, a patient will need.

52 Week Aftercare Program:

The Ridge offers 52 weeks of aftercare to those who complete the entire residential treatment program. These group meetings occur once a week. Other services such as face to face or telehealth individual sessions, labs, or other services are also available to you as a residential program graduate.

Our Advantage: Why The Ridge Professionals Program Is The Treatment of Choice

  • Evidence based programming led by two board-certified addictionologists
  • Program designed by professionals, for professionals
  • Residential Treatment Program followed by a 52-week Aftercare Program, an offering unmatched in other treatment facilities
  • Extensive family programming to educate families on the disease      of addiction and help heal broken bonds
  • Joint Commission Accredited and OMHAS certified
  • Approved provider for many state sponsored physician health programs, lawyer assistance programs, and professional boards
  • 72-hour assessments performed by a comprehensive team including two addictionologists, an internist, a psychiatrist, and licensed counselors
  • Collaboration with supporting monitoring agencies on substance abuse treatment progress to help preserve or restore professional lives
  • A close knit alumni community support system

What Sets The Ridge Apart?

  • 4.8 Star Google Rating
  • 4-to-1 client to counselor ratio to offer highly individualized treatment
  • Two full time board certified Addiction Medicine specialists
  • 16 beds on 51 acres providing a highly private, comfortable environment
  • 52 weeks of aftercare to support you in reaching vital recovery milestones


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