Residential vs. Outpatient

Residential Vs. Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment


The Ridge’s residential substance abuse treatment center has a sister company located 8 miles away in Milford, Ohio called Northland ( Northland provides outpatient treatment, which is sometimes the right choice for patients seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Whether a patient needs addiction treatment, residential vs. outpatient is a clinical decision determined by the patient’s assessment and our staff.

The programs are similar in that they both use CBT and 12-step counseling within group and individual sessions. Both require abstinence, attendance in AA or NA meetings, and urge participation in aftercare programs. But when considering residential vs. outpatient treatment, the outpatient program allows the patient to remain at his or her home while travelling, usually within a 25 mile radius, to Northland about four days a week for meetings. The Ridge residential patients tend to have suffered longer term, more serious addiction and usually need to be taken out of their unsafe home environment that facilitates their use of drugs or alcohol.

When a patient seeks residential substance abuse treatment, it is often because he or she has tried (unsuccessfully) to recover from drug and alcohol abuse during previous outpatient sessions. Because of this, it’s important to understand that there are very clear differences between residential vs. outpatient treatment requirements and methods. Perhaps the level of addiction has been sustained for so long, or a tolerance has been built up so high that outpatient treatment is simply no longer an option. Residential treatment is ideal for patients who need to undergo treatment without any potential distractions in a highly structured environment.

Residential vs. Outpatient Treatment

When deciding between residential or outpatient treatment, it is difficult to appropriately determine the level of care without an initial diagnostic assessment. Contact The Ridge today to see if residential substance abuse treatment is appropriate for you or your loved one. If we feel it is not appropriate, we will explore the possibility of if Northland’s outpatient treatment would be right for you.