• "I was extremely happy to visit current Ridge clients and share my experience in The Ridge program in order to help others in recovery. It was very rewarding and definitely worth the trip from out-of-state. I was also glad to know my talk with them was beneficial, especially as someone has been through The Ridge's treatment and is doing well at 90-days sober."
    Emily (Addiction Treatment Professional), Michigan
  • "After a lengthy search for a suitable rehabilitation facility for my best friend, we settled on The Ridge as best meeting his particular needs. We cannot thank the fine people at The Ridge enough. Thanks to their caring professionalism, my best friend is back. His family and I are so satisfied. My friend loved the program. If you are trying to decide what facility is best for you and yours, we heartily recommend The Ridge."
    Paul (Attorney), Philadelphia
  • "The Ridge showed me how to live a life in balance and I now have a feeling of control. Alcohol addiction cost me my job and family. The Ridge has helped me to learn how to take care of myself and cope with stress."
    Mike (Business Executive), Orlando
  • "I believe that when you get to the point when you are considering coming to a place like The Ridge, you are at place in your addiction where it is life or death. Not only may you not be breathing for much longer, but your life as you know it is close to being over! I was there!! I realized after a short time at The Ridge that I wanted that life to be over. The counselors and staff helped me see what I was missing and showed me a way to get it back. It is the ideal combination of safety and security as well as education and interaction. I really needed the comfort, care, nutrition and exercise to be able to focus on finding out why I was trying to escape from life instead of dealing with life on life’s terms. I think about my experience there everyday, I owe my life to The Ridge."
    Bob (Business Owner), Michigan
  • “I have attended other prominent treatment programs in the past. I found The Ridge to not only be superior on the clinical side, but also to have much nicer amenities.”
    Steve (Dentist), Columbus
  • "After drinking for over 30 years I was convinced I would die an alcoholic. I am grateful to The Ridge staff for opening the door to the rest of my life. Now I am able to spend quality time with my grandkids and make a difference in their lives."
    Cathy (Grandmother), Dayton