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Addiction and Drug Abuse Treatment

Most addicts never thought they’d end up addicted to mood-altering drugs

More and more, we’re finding that white collar professionals like doctors and lawyers, honor students, and middle-aged people are developing addictions. These people are a far cry from the “junkie” stereotype perpetuated by TV and movies, but their addictions are just as tenacious, destructive, and deadly as any other. We find that many of these people began their addictions by taking drugs a doctor prescribed, not knowing that they would lead to addiction. Opioid painkillers are being prescribed more often than ever. If someone is hooked on them, they run the risk of turning to the more potent, cheaper, and more dangerous opioid: heroin. This is how we get hardcore heroin addicts who would have never willingly touched drugs a year earlier. Addiction doesn’t care who you are—once you’re hooked, you’re hooked, and you need treatment to get into recovery.

The Ridge offers effective, empathetic, non-judgmental addiction treatment.

We know how difficult addiction is, and that having the disease doesn’t say anything about a person’s character or moral fiber. After all, addiction is a disease. It’s been clinically shown that dependence on mood-altering drugs alters a person’s brain so that taking drugs is the only thing that is physically able to make the brain experience pleasure, and to not do so brings about painful withdrawal symptoms. Knowing this, it becomes clear that addicts don’t need shaming or accusations, they need treatment, just like any other patient with a disease.

Treatment Programs

Our residential treatment program is dedicated to healing the whole body and mind, leaving our patients with their best chance for continuous sobriety and power over their addiction. Detoxification rids their body of the immediate physical dependence on their drug of choice. A modified 12-step program teaches patients to admit their shortcomings and look to others and themselves to rebuild a better life without substance. Cognitive-behavioral therapy looks inside the mind to find the power to avoid mental triggers that cause cravings and make the risk of relapse skyrocket.

51 pristine acres

The Ridge believes that care isn’t just about a well-designed program. The facility is a beautifully furnished estate home on 51 pristine acres, more reminiscent of a bed and breakfast than a medical center. Our fresh-made, nutritious meals and required physical exercise keep the body stocked with the nutrients it needs and in healthy, working order.

Professional Staff

The Ridge’s staff of expert doctors, nurses, and counselors know how hard it is to overcome addiction, and how miserable it can be to know you’re in addiction’s grip. Let them help you move past this dark chapter of your life and become the person you know you can be.

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