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Top 7 Myths About Drug and Alcohol Addiction – Part 2 Dublin, Ohio

When it comes to addiction, there are many generalizations that are misconstrued as truths. Here are a few more common myths about the nature of recovery as well as drug and alcohol abuse rehab. 5. Addicts have to hit rock bottom before treating them. We’ve all heard the term “rock bottom.” It means the lowest

Top 7 Myths About Drug and Alcohol Addiction – Part 1 – Springfield, Ohio

Drug and alcohol addiction may be one of the most misunderstood diseases out there. Most people who haven’t experienced it have an incorrect view of what addiction is, how it comes to be, and what it does to a person. We at The Ridge, a premier drug and alcohol abuse rehab center, believe that educating

The Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawals – Middletown, Ohio

Not many people need to be convinced about the negative effects of alcohol addiction. Its physical and behavioral damage can threaten an alcoholic’s job, family, and life. Quitting drinking isn’t as easy as putting down the bottle, though. Even if an alcoholic works up the willpower to stop drinking cold turkey, alcohol withdrawal symptoms may

Cocaine and the Teen Brain: New Insights Into Addiction

ScienceDaily (Feb. 21, 2012) — When first exposed to cocaine, the adolescent brain launches a strong defensive reaction designed to minimize the drug’s effects, Yale and other scientists have found. Now two new studies by a Yale team identify key genes that regulate this response and show that interfering with this reaction dramatically increases a mouse’s

Progression Into Detox from Alcohol: The Disguised Danger

Of all addictive drugs, few, if any, are more commonly consumed than alcohol. Every grocery store and restaurants serve it, bars promote it in every city and town, ads for it play during every sporting event. Few people correctly recognize alcohol as an addictive substance in the same league as cocaine and heroin. Detox from

How Recreation Enhances Substance Abuse Programs – Covington, KY

Ask the average person if he thinks rehab would be a fun time, and chances are you won’t hear “yes” too often. The image of rehab as a series of bare hallways, cramped rooms, and lumpy cots is alive and well, even though it shouldn’t be. Some of today’s substance abuse programs are often extravagantly