Promont House stands as an emblem of historical significance in Milford, Ohio. Built in 1865, this stunning Victorian mansion was originally the residence of John M. Pattison, Ohio’s 43rd governor. The name “Promont” signifies its location on a prominent hill overlooking the Little Miami River. Learn more here.


Designed in the Italianate style, Promont House exhibits exquisite architectural features like ornate woodwork, elegant ceilings, and intricate detailing that reflect the luxury of its era. The house boasts a captivating presence with its tall windows, wide verandas, and a distinctive dome. Learn more about Valley View Nature Preserve: Exploring Milford, OH’s Natural Gem.

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Cultural Significance

Today, Promont House is a museum managed by the Greater Milford Area Historical Society. Visitors are treated to guided tours that delve into the history of the Pattison family, showcasing period-specific furniture, artifacts, and heirlooms.

Events and Programs

Promont House hosts various events throughout the year, including educational programs, art exhibitions, and seasonal festivities. These events offer a glimpse into the cultural and social life of the Victorian era, enriching the community’s understanding of local history.

Preservation Efforts

The ongoing preservation efforts by the historical society ensure that Promont House remains a cherished landmark, preserving its architectural magnificence and historical legacy for future generations.


Visiting Promont House is a journey through time and an opportunity to appreciate the rich heritage and architectural finesse encapsulated within its walls.